Kit for op Olympic

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by trucker_smudge, May 13, 2012.

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  1. Received call up papers. States
    Minimum kit required is cs95, cefo, cemo, helmet and
    in date service respirator. Why??
  2. So that you can look really mean and war like
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  3. Because that's what you'll need?
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  4. Just in case.
  5. Which bit are you confused about????
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  6. Whats confusing about it?
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  7. (Received call up papers)

    Ahem,because you've been called up and it's time to do as you are told.No more namby pamby tuesday night drill hall swanning around pretending to be a soldier m'larky.You've been called up and your country needs you.Now be a good un and get your kit packed as it says on the papers.

    'Kin 'Ell,yoof of today.Tut.
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  8. In service respirator- so you dont drown in your own vomit via a broken seal should there be a CBRN attack....
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  9. So you don't get recognised putting the boot in to the tourist who takes youre photo.
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  10. So you can can look all scary & Walt looking in front of G4S ;-)
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  11. 1) CS95 - its called a uniform. When worn properly and with others it looks smart and shows that you belong to something. It what makes us different to everyone else attending the Olympics.

    2) CEFO - heaven forbid, but you might actually touch a weapon either during the beat up training, or in London. Hence you will need your webbing.

    3) CEMO - you might actually have to carry things, like a sleeping bag, or some clothes. Or maybe some of that nasty CS95 stuff you don't like.

    3) Helmet - goes nicely with the webbing when they let you have a rifle.

    4) Respirator - now I hope you're sitting down. There's quite a lot going on this summer in London. You don't need to be in the armed forces to realise that there is an increased risk of a terrorist attack. What the armed forces are doing to prepare for this has been on the news quite regularly, maybe you have missed it. Now, I'm not sure what you were told, but believe it or not, this is the reason you've been asked to go to the Olympics. I hate to break it to you, but you are apparently in the armed forces.

    You ******* spastic embarassment.
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  12. So you'll fit in when you go to the rubber night at the blue oyster bar?

    (I've no idea if there is a blue oyster bar, or if they do have a rubber themed night so don't get your hopes up)
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  13. Oh,and that's why you've been collecting that wedge every year so you can be called up at a whim and told to pack yer kit.Now trot along and do as the nice letter says.Argumentative trouble causing disagreeable bugger that you are.
  14. As above.

    Or you're about to have a MATTs week...
  15. That would seem to the the proper order of dress for the deployment.

    As the Company Sgt Major in recruit training said to us; "****, fight carry the light,
    Bury the ******* dead,
    Be in the proper place,
    At the proper time,
    In the proper order of dress,
    And that gentlemen,
    Is what soldiering is all about.