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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by eejit, Aug 8, 2009.

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  1. hi, Im a long time lurker whos found arrse mega useful in the past and was wondering with the wealth of experience the site seems to have if someone could help me with a bit of kit prep before i go for a course in the near future.
    My situation is im a senior army cadet and ive been put forward for a course run by the raf lot and i basically need to perform to keep the powers that be in check.
    The course is 9 weekends and a 9 day battle camp, and as far as cadets is concerned the course this the dogs' nads. SA80s, combat helmets, proper fieldcraft, no crap cadet safety rules etc.
    They issue kit to students however i intend to use mine, but would like some advice on stuff (what to ditch or buy etc)

    I have a jay jays set of belt kit, with 5 utility pouches. carrying:

    Mag pouches
    mag charger
    insulated brew mug thingy

    Gren pouch
    cam cream, bug dope.

    Util pouches
    water bottle, model kit, cylumes

    mess tin, small gas stove, gas pod, lighters. and boil in bag X2 + spoons

    basha, bungees, pegs etc.

    water bottle, 58 patt metal mug, bog rolls, biscuits/yorkies.

    weapon cleaning kit, boot kit, wash kit, blister/ FA kit. batteries, lighters, foot powder (models and obviously feet)

    Smoke pouch
    roll of green string, biscuits.

    all in ortlieb bags for things that need it, sandbag on top of pouches, elastic over pouches.

    in my smock ive got trauma kit top left, compass and maglite top right, matches/lighter in chest. the rest left empty. (notepad, pens etc in combats.)

    feel free to rip that to bits and tell me how to improve?

    also, things like leathermans, entrenching tools, etc. are they worth carrying?

    any help would be much appreciated. cheers.
  2. The others on the course will probable think you are a complete Mike Golden type plonker
  3. Don't listen to 66, I think you're awesome; and your mates will too.
  4. In over forty years of military experiance, involvement. from being a 15 year old Junior Leader at Bovington until now Working with the RBl, I cannot remember how maney courses I have been on, run, and instructed , just read your joining instructions and take what the tell you. Showing up with loads of "Gucci" is not going to help you win friends and influence people, it will make you stand out and be noticed in all the wrong ways.
    Just zip lip and listen, tha whole world hates a smart arrse, I presume this is one of your first courses , you'll learn
  5. ok. point taken. cheers.
  6. Have a great time on your course, and good luck
  7. Ammunition Pouches are for ammunition.

    If your really lucky your tool roll can go in there also. Get the mug out!
  8. To be fair it's not likely he's going to be given a phos and a couple of HE to run round with though, is it? If the ammo pouches are just going to be empty anyway, what's the harm in putting a jack-flask or mug in there?

    That said, there's a fuckload of unnecessary kit on that list.
  9. I did JL10. If you need it you'll be issued it. Anything else is taken from advice by the DS..... I garuntee you will not need all the shit you've listed and will probably find out it's redundant when you get told you're SOPs.....Good luck at selection
  10. Because the DS will beast you to fcuk if they catch you
  11. You're a senior Cadet...

    It's drilled in from BTC level that Ammo pouches are SPECIFICALLY for Ammo.

    Don't let yourself down, by doing silly little things like that.
  12. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Ensure you have a large amount of Mars Bars about your person - 3 or 4 a day just in case...
  13. Sheesh, it's an RAF course, he won't need all that warry stuff. Take a mirror, special skin care soap, plug in electric razor, dental floss, poncy expensive aftershave and a selection of products from the beauty section in Boots.
  14. On my JM's we all lined up for weapon and pouch checks before starting the exercise and one lad not only had the worlds weight of crap in his mag pouches (including cam cream, sweets from his rat pack and a photo of his pet dog) but he had them in his Lt pouches and 2 magazines (clanking about like a skeleton in a biscuit tin) in the Rt.

    Dropping jaws of disbelief all round

    Absolute Tard
  15. KY jelly, well it is the RAF