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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Civil_Ian, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. Chaps, one of my best mates is in the TA and has been called up to serve in Iraq.

    He heads out there in November.

    I was wanting to get him some useful gear/kit for the tour.

    Do you guys have any advice/ideas what things are useful?

    PS I can't afford a Chinook!
  2. Shed loads of porn.......
  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Summery and off the shoulder.
  4. loads of wetwipes, hi-juice squash, i-pod fully loaded with tunes, inflatable roll mat, decent pair of shades, suntan oil, a list of ladies addresses, laptop/DVD player, digi cam, a family pack of soft squidgy bog roll (i took 24 rolls), mozzie rep, head torch, portable radio, moisture wicking t-shirts, TONS of porn, and most importantly his addy so you can send him covert bottles of voddy!!!

    if i think of anything more i'll let you know.
  5. You can also get him a CammelBak hydration back pac their great
  6. If you want him to have two that is.

    Dont buy one big present unless it is a box of 900 spare rounds. Just do the little things once or twice a month. Nuts and Zoo mag. Soak beer mats in p1ss/Beer whatever. a few parcels when he is starting to get bitter about all the sangar bashing he has done over the last few months will help!
  7. Imodium - lots of it. Obviously when you're static you need to let nature run its course, but if you've got a long journey you need to stop it at the pass, cos they won't stop the vehicle/land the aircraft/helicopter for you to squirt.

    Then once you've got a load saved up you can let it out all over the bedding in the middle of the night like I did at demob in Pompey.
  8. Or do you want us to tell you that he has to buy shed loads of kit because the issued equipment is substandard. Because you are a JOURNALIST fishing around for a good story.

    "My Mate", indeed.
  9. Judging by what's happened to me since Ive been here id say life insurance would be a very good investment.
  10. I found it quite tricky buying a regular supply of hard drugs in Theatre, so if you could provide him with some H, charlie, whizz, blow, poppers, smack and Night Nurse then his tour will be all the better. The issued Morphine only lasted me the drive from the APOD - typical MoD underfunding.
  11. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    What's wrong with the RPAX package they throw at you at RTMC?
  12. a teddy bear
  13. Just for info: From the BFPO website:

    "Items listed below should not be sent, please also refer to the list of BFPO prohibited items:

    Aerosols - Prohibited by the BFPO mails network- e.g. hairspray, deodorant etc
    Perishable goods - foods like fruit and meat.
    Fragile items - glass.
    Heavy or bulky items - photo frames, soft toys.
    Everyday essentials - all basic toiletries are provided in theatre
    Magazines containing pictures that might offend the cultural values of host nations, even though these might be widely available in the UK . 'Top shelf' magazines are an obvious example."

    So, apparently 900 spare rounds willbe OK - but not hairspray or a teddy Bear.