Kit for Belize

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by acm2205, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone tell me what kit i will/should be issued with for belize and any other kit i should take?
  2. And a sturdy caribiner
  3. Sungalsses
  4. thanks for the links to the other threads, very useful.

    Anyone know what i will be or should be issued prior to going though?

    Any recomendations for decent socks to wear out there?
  5. You could always ask your SQMS/CQMS what you will be issued.

    By the way i'd wear walking socks and ensure that you take ProBoots (the ones with the thinsulate liner) for your time there. Everyone goes on about C95 boots and Jungle boots but neither of them really work out there IMHO.

    Or you could just read the other threads, as directed by Black Masters :roll: .
  6. Doesn't matter what you take or get issued. After a few weeks in the jungle it's all going to rot away anyway.

  7. Been along time but:

    Para cord, small med kit (I took a DIY dental kit too - which I ended up using on a bloke in my Platoon), decent izzy rep (stuff that doesn't glue you rifle to the side of your face and your right angled torch to your hand).

    Mossie net for your head, something small and light to wear as dry kit at night (I had what was called a zoot suit - top and bottom made of parachute material), a small doss bag or a poncho liner, warm kit (small light fleece or buffalo jacket) and apparently it's now vogue to have a small black or green folding umbrella to put up when it chucks it down with rain. Something for the squirts and for constipation to help regulate when you go to the sh*t pit and some nicotine patches for the smokers on hard routine.

    As you get roughly 12 hours of darkness a night an LED head torch (btys last longer) and a book or three for something to do in the trees coz you can't go anywhere when it's dark and apart from spanking the monkey there's nothing else to do.

    One word of advice make sure before you put you poncho/hammock/A frame up look up in the trees above you and check for any dead fall/wood suspended in the canopy above where you intend to sleep - apparently it causes more casualties than enemy action - you'll hear it in the night crashing down every now and again