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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Pukka, May 29, 2008.

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  1. I start basic at the end of July, and I am starting to think about buying some of the required kit. I have been looking for a good boot polishing set and stumbled across a site called Global Military Supplies. Can anyone vouch for this site, ie have bought something from there? They have a boot polishing set, sewing kit etc etc, and most of it comes in a camo case. Does anyone know if this is over the top stuff aimed at people who are not in the army, or is it genuinely good stuff? Any other suggestions of where might be a good place to buy kit from would be appreciated?
  2. only boot polishing set you will need is as follows

    on brush
    off bruh
    black kiwi

    wouldnt bother with gucci your money

    oh and a sylvette rag/cotton wool
  3. As chris says on abd off brush mit kiwi black polish.

    Sylvette cloth, you can get when you get to your ATR.

    Oh, a decent iron, but don't spend loads of money, you'll get issued the stuff you need.
  4. which ATR you off to?
  5. Off to ATR Pirbright.
  6. oh right, im off about the same time to bassingbourn, havntr got a kitlist or anything yet
  7. surely Kiwi Parade costs a bit more but is better stuff!!
    no real need to get a 'set'. As said above, a brush to put polish on and one to take it take it off or buff it.....

    as for sewing kit....just buy a few needles and some green/black thread....cant imagine you will need anything else!

    i assume kitmonster which you can get to through this site are more recommended, seeing as they are allowed to advertise on here!

    good luck
  8. Get normal Kiwi polish AND parade gloss. They're slightly different, and parade gloss is a nightmare for bulling: it goes blue in the rain.
  9. Look in the "RECRUIT TRAINING YOUR NEXT STEP" booklet, and look at your joining instructions (you might not have them yet) and just cross reference as to what you need and what you simply want.

    It mentions that you can get certain bits of kit on arrival in the regimental starter pack, however, you'll probably want a load of twistees, bungees, tent pegs, pencils and pens, as advised by many a recruit.
  10. Does it bollox, that's clear, you bluffing cnut
  11. - On and off Brushes and kiwi black polish
    - A Good Iron and Ironboard if you can handle the shame of lumping it around on day 1.
  12. Read the kit list and make sure you get it all BEFORE you go to your ATR. I know from experience that NAAFI's, Spar's, etc will screw you for almost double the asking price on anything you attempt to buy in there (this includes iron and ironing board).

    However much boot polish you think you'll get through, double it.

    That is all.

  13. It's fuckin true! I've seen peoples' bulled toe literally flake off in the rain! And if it doesn't, it fades after a while, due to the increase in wax content in the polish. It's okay for brushing onto boots, but don't use it for toecaps.
  14. 10 Items You Will Need

    • 1. A stout hat - preferably waterproof.
      2. A good jacket, trimmed with ermine.
      3. A stick cut from a single piece of mahogany. This will be useful for scattering civilians you may encounter.
      4. A broad spread of poetry, so that you may strengthen your mind while learning the grim and necessary arts of murder.
      5. A boy to fetch and carry. Any colour - the Army cares not about such things.
      6. A good length of chain. To be used to secure the borders of the British Empire should you find them unbound.
      7. Padlock. See (6).
      8. A pouch of rolling tobacco. Every man should smoke: the peons expect it.
      9. A handkerchief to pass to a Lady should your schedule permit such frivolity.
      10. A torch. To shine the light of rightness into the dark places of the World.

    Now go forth and make us proud.

  15. I have used kiwi parade gloss for bulling the full shoe and full boot over the years and it has NEVER gone blue in the rain. Nor has it faded or flaked off.