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Kit for Basic

Last year, I was issued periodically with 1 roll TP.

But if you plan on 'enjoying' mens magazines and using more than 2 sheets per poo, then it's recommendable to take your own TP.


War Hero
zad8919 said:
hi could any one confirm if its a good idea to buy an ironing board to take to basic training. or would i look a tw*t turning up with one? i understand they have some there but have heard they are very limited.


Na mate, it'll get nicked believe me. If they're short of ironing boards you can always put a blanket on the floor and use that - its called improvisation - its a Army thing that you'll get used to.

BT. :lol:


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Take one of the grey world war one blankets off the bed - cover a formica table with it - et viola! One ironing board.


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tomrowley20287 said:
Well, last summer for our long pre-long weekend inspection we had to blitz the room. The hoovers in the block where shite, and you can remove almost anything, stains et al from the shitty stiff carpets by scraping a ruler across the floor. Also gets up tons of s*** that the hoover misses!

Trust me, it works.

WTF! What happened to lino floors and the hold hand bumper!!!???!!?
The green and black fabric tape is for taping up the excess lengths on your webbing & bergen straps.

Rooms are carpeted at Lichfield, only the corridor, bathroom and dry room are lino.

And there is a bumper for that!


Luxury Items: Fags, extra socks. Whats the tolerance on other personal items. Before you ask 'like what?'
Like ....... ANY !

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