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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by tomrowley20287, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. I've got a list here of Kit I would recommend taking to Basic @ Lichfield.

    Not everything is on here but a lot of it is very helpful.

    Feel free to add anything else that you think should be taken.

    Most of it can be bought on camp but you can save your cash if you buy it before you go!

    -Spare boot laces
    -a watch - dark colour, with a light.
    -Extra pairs of Army Issue socks if you can find them
    -Brief style pants - these are for PT.
    -Waterproof, clear plastic bags
    -black electrical/fabric tape
    -small torch with red lens + muchos batteries
    -thin permanant marker
    -Green fabric tape
    -small note books - pocket size - for lessons bring plenty of these!
    -Biro pens
    -Plastic lighters - green or dark colours
    -Yellow dusting cloths - washed
    -Steam Iron
    -Iron water filler
    -Water spray bottle
    -Tin of spray on starch
    -furniture polish
    -toilet paper - 4 pack. Trust me, you will need this!
    -Scouring pads (the green washing up things? - perfect for cleaning carbon -from your rifle)
    -Hair/fluff removal brush
    -Ironing board cover.
    -8 x trouser hangers - wooden
    -8 x shirt hangers - wooden
    -dark/green coloured wash bag for ex
    -shaving oil
    -small pot of soap/shower gel
    -travel toothbrush
    -travel toothpaste
    -zinc oxide tape
    -(FAGS if you smoke)
    -2 x shaving foam - 1 for inspections, 1 for use
    -2 x showergel
    -soap + soap dish - for inspections only
    -razor with changable heads
    -flannels x 2
    -2 x toothbrush
    -2 x toothpaste
    -stiff nail brush
    -4 x padlocks
    -30cm ruler - good for cleaning carpets.
    -fat permanent marker
    -sewing kit
    -shoe polish
    -on brush
    -off brush
    -kit scrubbing brush - large wooden thing
    -small stiff nail brush
  2. How the fcuk does a 30cm ruler clean carpets??
  3. Well, last summer for our long pre-long weekend inspection we had to blitz the room. The hoovers in the block where shite, and you can remove almost anything, stains et al from the shitty stiff carpets by scraping a ruler across the floor. Also gets up tons of shit that the hoover misses!

    Trust me, it works.
  4. hi could any one confirm if its a good idea to buy an ironing board to take to basic training. or would i look a tw*t turning up with one? i understand they have some there but have heard they are very limited.

  5. You would look a tw*t turning up with an ironing board (despite it being a good idea). Im sure they will have some provided in most ATR's these days and if there isnt enough to go round then look at buying one maybe.
  6. Liquid starch is better if you need to use it, get it from boots £1.99 not bad.
  7. Ok, now I feel stupid, but what is the liquid starch for?
  8. thanks i just dont want to have to wait in a line to iron my kit.If there's anyone who is currently at catterick or has been there lately that could confirm if its a good idea to purchase one before going.

  9. Hmm, i'm not sure how liquid starch is used, but i know the spray starch is used when putting good solid creases into ironing ... It smells funny aswell.
  10. Thanks for the list. I start at lichfield in sept. I hear an iron is on of the most important bit of kit. Wot sort of one would u recommened.
  11. As there is a discussion on Ironing Boards.

    Would anyone take a portable board or a full size board?

    I have found a couple of portable boards on Ebay.

    Portable Ironing Boards
  12. Soozi,Iiquid Starch comes in a spray bottle,gives you a better creases.
  13. How about the old white for temp iron board.
  14. Fook me mate..who are you..Mr Muscle??..
  15. Sorry armies, that should have been white table.