Kit for basic at Winchester

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Lee21, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. Is it a good idea to take a steam iron on basic although it's not on the kit list? My bro had to have one on his basic at catterick.
    Anything else which might be good to take which isn't mentioned on the kit list?
  2. porn mags
  3. Fuuuuny!!
  4. I'd recommend an ironing board. Beats paying £22 for a crappy one from the spar shop, or waiting for one of your mate's when he's finished. Can't think of anything else at this time, most things you will ever need can be bought there, sometimes at inflated prices. Ah, razor blades, get them from Tesco or something rather than pay rip-off prices there.
  5. what date are you starting 30th april.... just passed my selection am just awaiting a training date ive been told there is only 2 space's left ont he 30th so i dont think ill get in then....but ive been told the next intake is end of july
  6. 11th June - have been waiting since January! So, if you manage to get in for end of July, you've been luckier than I was.
  7. well if they have a intake at june then i cant see why i wont get in for going to ring my afco tomorrs and see what they say about the june intake
  8. Good luck! Let me know if you were successful
  9. Did a course in Deepcut recently where the NAAFI charged £20 for Irons and ketttles, while ten mins down the road you could pick them up for a fiver (and much better quality).

    Take anything and everything you think you may need to administrate yourself. Don't help NAAFI to line their pockets. The list includes Ironing boards, irons, boot polish, brushes, selvit cloths, razor blades, toothpaste, shower gel, etc. Take enough to last the whole course, you'll probably save hundreds in the long run.
  10. aww am starting mine on the 23rd july tahts my intake date
  11. Defo take the best steam iron your funds will allow you to buy. I agree with skintboymike re: the selvyt cloth and brushes etc.
  12. hi pal my intake date is the 23rd july at winchester too!! when did you go for selection??
  13. Things to take:

    1. An iron, if everyone had the idea of not taking one because everyone else will then no bugger would have one. Take it and bring cash to buy a crappy ironing board or nick one and write your name on it.

    2. Enough toiletries for 3 months, not hard, take four bottles of shower gel, take the small bottles of shaving oil, and two sets of blades. Try to minimise the size of things, get small bottles of liquid soap for when you go on exercise and a flannel.

    3. Take padlocks and spares. make sure they're good quality because your kit and personal items are very important, cash is as well so keep them protected!

    4. Decent notebooks and pens. Small notebooks for exercise (waterproof if you can otherwise shove them in a plastic sleve), A4 for lessons.

    5. Playing cards.

    6. Porn.

    7. MP4, MP3 or equivalent.

    8. Erm...

    9. Anything else you'd think'll make your life easier, like decent walking socks and boot inlays.

    And good luck!
  14. Useful bits:

    Shoes to be allowed out on weekends
    A set the smallest compact toiletries you can find (including a small mirror (for exercise))
    Ironing Board (unless you can blag one from the last troop that may have passed out and left kit)
    Good Iron is essential (you'll need it through your career anyway)
    Enough Black boot polish to kill a Llama
    MP3/ Gramaphone
    Speakers for said acoustic appliance
    Sence of humor
    Razors (good ones none of that Bic rubbish)
    Extra pairs of black army socks
    Photo's of friends and family
    Letter writing kit (better for moral than a txt msg)
    Head Torch
    Cotton wall balls
    Thin Seal Skin Gloves
    Tent Pegs\ Bungees

    None were essential but certainly made my phase one training easier.

    BTW.. Avoid spar to buy items and use the PRI shop instead.
  15. Two dark flannels (pref green) one to wash your face on and one for your arrse crack and man/girl bits while on exercise. Cut the corner off one so you know wich one you've cleaned your gooch with.