Kit for Afghanistan?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by crab-lad, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. Hi gents. I am an RAF bloke who is deploying to Afghan in Mar 08. I was wondering if you would offer up any advice, kit wise that would be useful for me to buy/beg/steal, over and above the Combat Troops issue kit that I will get from clothing stores (Mk 6a Helmet, thermal mat, knee/elbow pads, patrol sack, basha, etc)?

    Any kit list that you as a 'bill oddie' have bought to make your life easier in the field, that I as a crab wouldn't know about, would be greatly appreciated.

    I will be working for numerous units which involves deploying forward into the s#1t and I have not got the field experience to know what is good kit to take.

    Even the most insignificant item that you take and think is gucci would be a help!!

    I have had loads of exped experience, so I am ok with living in the outdoors and what to bring civi wise, although not under fire from Terry!

    I will use this advice/kit list as a foundation kit list for me and my opos for future deployments.

    Many Thanks in anticipation and I look forward to meeting any of you who will be in Afghan from Feb/Mar 08.


    crab-lad :D
  2. Well if your RAF, you will need swimming trunks, shades, take your playstation and fridge.
  3. The inside back cover of this month's Soldier magazine will give you an insight. In the 'Vox Pop' section is a quote from a LCpl who was seperated from his bergen for 2 weeks (no toothbrush, sleeping system). So a good start point may be to decide what you can't be without, then make it as light/small as possible, and make sure it always goes with you. Then keep your bergen for the comfy but bulky stuff that you could live without if you had to.
  4. Thanks v much so far for the positive replys fellas. I will read soldier mag.

    To 10BA09 I hope you are just taking the p**s, which is fine but if you are having a dig then just remember this. A friend of mine doing the same job as I will do, sustained serious injuries from an RPG round nr Garmsir!! No swimming pool there m8!! :wink:

    We seem to 'dig-in' more nowadays than 'check-in'!! :x
  5. [​IMG]
    Well we've had New Labour.... New RAF?
  6. Ah shame! It rains mostly in March and April, so I'd recommend a big Ortlieb canoe sack for your bergen, and two mini ones for your patrol pack. They also keep dust/river water/sewage out of all your gear. You'll also need waterproof paper and pencils (not just lumipens).

    A light sleeping bag is useful. There are many times when you would love to carry the issue one (because its toasty) but you just don't have the space. I use a Softy 6 (which is not enough in March, but sh1t happens).

    Black steel mugs (for cooking) are great space savers. Lifeventure thermal mugs are great for more static soldiering.

    My best piece of advice would be to buy an infantryman a few drinks and get him to build and fit your webbing to you, so that it fits, doesn't rub/fall apart and most importantly make you look like a crow. Don't forget that you'll have radios (what sort?) and body armour to go with it all.
  7. Baldrick, that's not very nice, suggesting that the RAF are the same as the US Navy. :D The chap did say he would be digging in forward.
  8. What trade are you by the way?
  9. It all depends on what job you are doing, assault vest or belt kit? What specialist kit are you likely to be carrying=Bergen, or grab bag! What weapon/s will you be carrying.

    read soldier mag as suggested above.

    Ask in the Inf forum.

  10. Rather not say m8, if u dont mind.
  11. Newly posted to 90SU then? Sound like a new enthusiastic comms techie to me!
  12. No! I am not a 'box swapper'. :wink:
  13. Well, that only leaves 'pilot' and 'barrier technician', doesn't it?