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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sat&sundays, Jul 14, 2010.

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  1. alrite people,in the TA and off to afghan for herrick 13 with 5 scots as a rifleman,need some advice on what kit to take,dont mind spending a bit of money on the gucci kit,also,just how cold does it get over there? will be deploying oct-april,cheers
  2. thanks pillar,but i found that that post was for iraq in 2006,was thinking maybe things had moved on a touch from then,for example,are the motherload daysacks a good buy,also how cold is it over there in winter?
  3. Sorry mate, I dont know... Ill find out for you
  4. If you're doing a winter tour you will get softie jkt and trs issued, artic hat, mittens, goretex boots, the lot. Wait untill you see the pile of kit at Chillwell. Once you have worked out how to get it all home start thinking about it.
  5. mate the issued kit is plenty! if i was you i wouldnt spend a penny on kit, id spend it on some luxuries that will make your life a little more comfortable during down time
  6. mate spent time up in kabul were -20 at night was the norm and the issued stuff is more than fine up there and to hot for when your in the green zone
  7. cheers lad's,shit loads of kit coming my way by the sounds of it! is it freezing as much as that during the day aswell ?or just at nite? nae suntan for me then! prob better off doing a winter tour than a searing heat tour being a jock and all that!! ha!
  8. I did HERRICK 9 and had no problem with the issue kit. Yes, it does get cold in Jan/Feb but the issue kit is more than up to the job. We had a couple of frosts (fairly light) and plenty of wet, but nothing near UK standards.
    Edited to add: Areas I'm talking about FOB Edinburgh, Dwyer, Delhi, Jackson, Nolay.
  9. in kabul it was hovering around -5 day time from late Nov - Mid Jan,
    had 6" of snow on christmas which cheer all us brits up and so insued the multinational snow fight untill the grown ups ended it :(

    but kabul is 3000m up and in the mounatians if your south
    its a mild winter, wet but not cold,
    I get the best, turn up in winter and leave just as summer is in full swing,
    just hope the last few days is hanging around in kandi bar to get an all over tan rather than the arm and neck tan
  10. HE'S NOT GOING TO KABUL!!!!! Helmand is mostly fine during the day, a bit like an average British warm day. It can rain shite loads and turns very muddy. The issued kit is fine!
  11. sorry blob did you miss the bit about down south being like a "mild winter wet but not cold"?

    muppet read the post before you gob off again
  12. What Spad said with some emphasis so the challenged can get it.
  13. Spad, you call me muppet? 'if you're south' not 'YOUR' as in YOU ARE!
    I read the post fully along with your others, you mention 'slipper city' most of the time!