Kit for a total civilian training for the Para 10 Race

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by TotalCivvie, Jan 3, 2010.

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  1. Hi all

    I'm going to have a go at entering the Para P Company race in September:

    Two questions:

    I haven't run in boots since the nice man at Lympstone told me to f... off at POC for the 6th form scholarships about 20 years ago and don't own a pair. I can't see myself using them for anything else apart from this event - any suggestions or recommendations? I figure I need to start now with one run a week in boots to break the darn things in.

    The weight for the bergen is supposed to be 35 lbs. Aside from making sure its packed out with soft items, advice is a little scant. Again, could any kind souls recommend an appropriate rucksack and tips as to how to achieve the weight without fkucing myself up?


  2. Have the weight close to your back and high up. I have a 22lb barbell plate lodged high up in my bergen against the inner frame. Just buy any boots that are light, comfortable and easy to break in. Usually not leather though leather is fine if it's soft and you have enough time to break them in. It's also 35lb without water so all up your looking at closer to 40lb.
  3. There are various substances available for aiding you to break in boots quickly, check the boot sticky.

    As for the weight, do what he said. Wrapping a heavy object in a sleeping bag is usually a good start though. I used to use radio batteries, a Clansman battery for 320/351 etc is pretty fecking heavy and was easily to hand. You might find one on eBay but the postage would be a nightmare, so you're probably better off going to Argos and buying gym weights. Buying gym weights is good anyway because when you need to add or subtract weight, its much easier to do.

    If you go to the careers office and ask nicely, they might give you the training programme that is given to people joining the infantry. (I think the Royal Marines website actually has one online perhaps) which will help you progressively build up weight.
  4. With regards to boots I know there are some Magnums that are advertised as uber lightweight(spider I think), I think they're relativeley cheap and synthetic as opposed to leather. I have seen them in the flesh, look like a sheite field boot tbh but could prove to be a good tabbing boot, might be worth a look.

    As for weight in your bergan, to make extra weight up in my bergan I've made "rice socks" up. Basically they are old issue and old hiking socks that are surplus filled with rice, but before the rice is put in the socks I put a durable plastic bag in the sock then fill with rice thus making it water proof(when it's tied off). Each of the socks weigh 3lb basically because that is the most weight to the nearest pound that I can get in them.
  5. Re: boots. I'm using pusser issue boots, and they've caused no problems, and I've no doubt you cold get them fairly cheap from an Army Surplus place. Admittedly I've put in a custom footbed, wear 2 pairs of decent socks and lace them to fit me, but they're not too bad and I've just run 10 miles in them no problem. Of course, if your general foot shape etc doesn't fit then you're fubar'd, but just an idea.
  6. Whatever option you choose for weight, make sure it is padded out and 'tight' in your pack i.e. do not bounce around. I started out with a load of dumbell weights which werent sufficiently padded out and they bounced around like the Mrs' tits, making it a right pain in the arrse to run with. A sleeping bag is ideal for this.

    As far as the pack is concerned, anything large enough to take the weight and with your preferred amount of padding on the shoulders/back.

    I did it in the issue boots and was called a lunatic at the start line for doing so by another runner. While they served me well and were well broken in, my brothers Altbergs are like a pair of trainers in comparison and very comfortable indeed.
  7. I ran it last year in Bates boots. You need boots that will let water flow out so goretex is not ideal.Bates are also like trainers weight wise.
  8. thanks chaps, much appreciated (und Vielen Dank, Fallschirmjaeger)
  9. Issue boots out of the question then.

    I remember from the bayonet range that the only way to get the shitty pond water out of the boots was to turn them upside down. no matter how much I waved my feet around like a lunatic, the water still sloshed around and didn't come out.
  10. Dizzle I get the impression that you yourself will never enter said event, on that, why not chill out and cease offering advice.
  11. WTF is a bayonet range?
  12. the big silly hill in the yorkshire hills where you crawl through the pond and proceed to attempt to kill men made of NBC suits.

    as for you Spaz, I've done it already, so go fcuk yourself.
  13. Well done fatty, I'm sure you're very proud of yourself.
  14. Fatty? Obviously you've never met me!
  15. Ok your 6' 8" and really pleased with yourself, well done son. You've joined the TA (everyone give him a clap) and left to be an AI. What more do you want? Bore off fella, you're full of advice maybe it's quite boring?