Kit/equiptment wastage

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Crown_recycling, Feb 26, 2011.

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  1. Guys,

    I am new here so please forgive me if this is the wrong area for this post, if its too long, if I know nothing, and so on.

    I run a company that is trying to become the recycling contractor of first choice for the services.

    I have a couple of contracts on at the moment and I noticed whilst working on one base that they were packagaing up a load of old clothing to a company called 'Field Textiles'

    I had a look in the boxes and from what I can see there was very little wrong with it.

    I also was told that rations are thrown away and that this was just the tip of the iceburg on what comes out of stores.

    On the other hand when dealing with army cadet and TA units I get told they are crying out for equiptment. Part of my remit is to try and match up equiptment to people that need it.

    Can someone tell me why this stuff does not find its way down the chain, or at least, if it is being re-sold, is any of the money from its re-sale being put into forces charities? I heard a rumour (yes I hear a lot of them) that the boxes were being sold for about £10 a box but my loss estimator (i photographed some of it and showed him) believes a resale vaule of around £1000 per box is easily obtainable. How many prosphetic limbs/free holidays for the heroes/soldiers off the streets would 10 of those boxes buy sold through the right channels. Anyone who has the inside information on this, please get in touch.

    If anyone is seeing wastage such as this can they PM me (and charities/units looking for assistance in fundrasing through recycling also) so I can get on the case to help you.

    Thanks for your time everyone.
  2. A bloke I know approached the Master Chef and offered to pay him for all the waste cooking oil which was accrued from all 2 messes and the Junior ranks restaurant, Master Chef said no because the catering department already pay someone to take it away! The military haemorrages money all over the place, and no one really gives a ****, until the month before the end of the financial year, when the powers that be will spend money on shit so that they can get the same amount in the budget the next year.
    Chances are no-one wants to commit to anything because it costs more to take away than to skip it.
    Another good example, when one of the HMS's down south was closing, they skipped a shit load of oak furniture and leather chesterfields, as well as complete industrial kitchens. Any one caught liberating full dinner services or catering equipment got nicked for theft. I've seen large food serving units sat out in the rain for months because they didn't fit in the restaurant, 5 grand each, down the swanny
  3. The oil was so he could make his own bio-diesel
  4. Hi,

    thanks for that thought provoking answer. Actually, one of the contractors that does waste collection for us does this. I dont have any in-roads to the royal Navy as of yet though.

    Believe me attitutes are starting to change and yes there has been a lot of wastage in the past but now is the time to make it stop. If you are interested in helping out, please PM me for more information.

  5. Not surprising really. I bet some one gets a back hander.
  6. Wastage of kit will go on regardless of what we keep hearing via the media or our MP's,

    In the past 12/18 months alone in my location office equipment Inc mess furniture gets replaced with new & the old is centralised then taken away ,mostly by local scrap merchant/recycling firm

    HOWEVER: this is mainly due to civvies running the system whom openly admit themselves it was a farce....
  7. I gave a youth leader mate some assorted left overs from my compo rations, does that count as recycling?

    Don't think there is too much that goes to waste from compo rations, of the stuff worth having anyway. (Which is most of it these days).

    p.s. For the scale of the corruption/stupidity have you read Lions, Donkeys and Dinosaurs by Lewis Page? It made me cry! (nearly anyway)
  8. when I used to help out with my old space Cadet unit we were lucky enough to have a big Army stores depot close by whose boss (Maj?) was very helpful when it came to scrounging kit. subsequently he moved on and contractors moved in, suddenly - nothing, serviceable kit was going somewhere, probably flogged off for rags or passed onto the Army surplus world either officially or unofficially. Common sense would suggest the cadets got first pick but apparently 'rules are rules'. So the military paid someone to takeaway the stuff that they subsequently flogged off - oh well, that was last century, I'm sure that wouldn't happen now

    -er no,I wouldn't put too much faith in his fairy stories either, possibly the most noted bitter failed RN officer in years, do a search for why he's so unpopular
  9. I'll have a look, but does that mean his figures & assertions in the book are false? Bitter and vengeful maybe, but shurely not made up.... ?
  10. I just googled Lewis Page and ended up on Rum Ration

    LEWIS PAGE - For Defence Minister

    To Quote Magic Mushroom.

    That's quite a damming indictment, but IMO indicative of the way in todays society, that actualy, shit does float to the top.
  11. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Our camp pays a contractor to come and empty the waste metal skip.

    Our camp.... pay.... a contractor to come and empty the waste metal skip.


    I offered to empty it for free, knowing full well there was a few hundred pounds worth of good metal in there every time it's filled. Guess what I got told to do?


    Just looked on that Rum Rations forum thread and saw this in the Lewis page thread:

    What the ****? If I didn't have to register again he'd be getting a mouthful. What a pile of nonsense. Bowman is awesome if used correctly.
  12. iirc when ER long marston shut in the late 90s,the fire station,became the setting fire station as equipment and material was "returned in the system".
  13. You're right that a lot of good stuff gets the boot but we are trying to reduce that. Some of it is production overrun, much of it goes because of errors in documentation that cause the IT system to mark it for disposal although it may still be in service or perfectly serviceable. These errors are caused because resources to properly train personnel in all 3 services in how to return equipment have been pared back, as have the personnel themselves. Consequently we rely on some overworked and conscientious CS warehouse staff to extract kit that they know is good. As far as clothing is concerned, remember we are going over to a new uniform so expect to see more and more 'new' CS95 going for disposal. However, at the moment we have ditched so much so quickly we don't have enough for the interim and are having to extract that from disposal too!

    You couldn't make it up.

    If I were you I'd get in touch with the Disposal Services Agency (DSA). They even have a website.
  14. Hello Bubbles,

    By we, are you involved in this personally or do you mean the forces in general? If you can help or we can help your unit please get in touch.
  15. How many units pay to have their scrap metal taken away? :)