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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Benji-son, Jan 26, 2006.

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  1. Benji-son

    Benji-son Swinger

    Just a quicky, Are you allowed to use your own kit during basic training? e.g. Boots
    Or do you have to use Army standard issue?

    Thinking about buying some decent boots before i start basic, to give me time to wear them in etc.
  2. Rowums

    Rowums War Hero

    I dont know first hand as I'm still a dirty civvy at the moment, but from what I gather, the answer would be no, though I fully expect to be told I'm wrong.
  3. Rocko

    Rocko Clanker

    no, you won't be. due to health and safety reasons I think, but you will be required to use issued kit, so you learn how "good" it is.
  4. Benji-son

    Benji-son Swinger

    So what about after basic when your in your Regiment (infantry). Can u choose your own kit then providing its military spec?
  5. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Generally on ops people use some of their own gear but in training be the grey man and wear what your told which will be issued gear or your going to be in the shit big style
  6. tebagagap

    tebagagap Old-Salt

    so leave the SAS smock at home
  7. poes

    poes Clanker

    you cant use your own kit for basic training but is not a problem in your unit........u can look like a soldier too if you join a P.O.N.T.I. unit.
  8. Benji ... the LAST thing you want to do in training is stand out and get noticed for anything mate...

    leave the gucci kit for later, the stuff issued now is perfectly good for what you need it for anyway...

    i would even leave it for a bit once you get to your first unit... settle in first, again you dont want to get pegged as a "f ucking big timer"...
  9. ..or as a redarse have it nicked...
  10. Benji-son

    Benji-son Swinger

    point taken :lol: