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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Goku, May 20, 2005.

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  1. I’ve decided that my issued engineers bergen is sh*te, once you stuff you sleeping bag in there’s hardly any room for anything else.
    I’m looking into investing in an infantry bergen but I can’t decide on weather to go for a long-back or a short-back. I’ve been told that the long-back gets in the way of your webbing???
    Can anyone give me advice on which is the better bergen and what the differences between them are?
  2. Go for the SHORT BACK. It's the same capacity as its slighly wider than the long back bergan. Hope you mind and take the sleeping bag out of the compression bag first!!.
  3. Both types hit your webbing. Long back is for people taller than 5'8".

    Long back also holds an extra 20L.
  4. I've got both....

    Neither interfered with my webbing....

    I preffer the short back even though I'm over 6 foot.

    Can't use the waist straps though... not that I did with long back.
  5. Thanks for the advice so far.
    Can you recommend a particular brand? Any brand I should stay away from?
    I’m hunting around ebay for something decent, it’s a slow work day.
  6. ok, just an idea, but thinkning laterally why not buy a new doss bag?? The G10 (for men) sleeping bag is massive. with the right encouragement it could take over a small hebridean island. SO..if you buy an equivalently rated softie that packs really really small you will not need to change bergans and you'll also have loads of room for spanners, chairs, PC's, PS2's or whatever it is non-teeth arms carry ;-)
  7. I'm 5'9" and have a lang back bergan

    Never had an issue with it , apart from useless lazy buggers with other arms handbags dumping their ammo etc on me

    I mean what do siggys need so much ammo for anyway ?
  8. Avoid Webtex stuff like the plague. Only get PLCE. Anything else is tosh.

    Good tips on gonk bags too. The issued one may keep you warm, but it's maaahhhhhooooooooooooooosive.
  9. Depends on how you intend to use it . I prefer a short back because it fits better with my webbing . But i do use webbing and a bergan together with my job . If you want i have a brand new unused long back DPM bergan with brand new rocket pouches . PM me and its yours cheaper than you can get from it any shop. :wink:
  10. Well I’m REME TA and I’m still going through basic training, so its not as if I’m going to get called up anytime soon, meaning I don’t need the best possible bergen as say a regular infantry soldier would.
    I want a bergen that can hold at least 100lt as I think my issue engineers bergen is way too small (most people agree that they are c*ap), but I don’t want to invest in a bergen and find that it takes in loads of water in heavy rain or that the stitching comes apart after 12 months of use and abuse.
    There are plenty of long-backs and short-backs floating round ebay for about £40-£50 both new and second-hand, I just don’t have the experience yet to tell what’s a good bit of army kit and what’s a cheap civy imitation that will fall apart after a few months of use.

    I though Webtex were ment to be a good brand? Does anyone else think Webtex is to be avoided??
  11. Go for a service issue bergan over the civvy ones and spend as much as you can. Better to spend more now than have to buy another bergan when your cheap one goes tits up.

    I use the issue long back bergan with three rocket packs attached to it. I also use a chest rig rather than belt kit as I've never been able to get on with belt kit.
  12. Second both points. Issue PLCE only. Also the bergen is designed to sit on webbing. Most people prefer short back. If you are a short-ass, don't even look at a longback. On some people, the longback has a habit of pushing your head into the dirt when you hit the ground, especially when wearing a helmet. If you are undecided, go for the short one unless you need the extra 20 litres capacity.
  13. Come on to your Quarter master, buy him some flowers and a couple of bottles of champagne, and you'll find that he magically whips a Bergan out from underneath his desk and issues it to you. Try and keep to issue stuff, cause then when it breaks you can hand it in for exchange.
  14. I did an Op Tour (any guesses which one?) with a handbag Bergan and I was OK. I also got my Longback off Ebay. It was in good nick apart from a busted clip (replaced for £1.50) and the blokes name on the back.

    If you're a nig, there are more important pieces of kit to buy first.

    If you're in the REME, then a gas cooker, being one of them. :D

    Remember, Armourer is Gods trade. :D
  15. It’s a tempting idea, big fat sweaty man that our quarter master is.
    This really is just a case of “I want gucci kit”.
    Issue kit is grate, does exactly what you need it to do, and as you said you can exchange it if it brakes. But I also think that if your prepared to, it’s well worth spending money on stuff that can make life in the field as comfy as possible.