Kiss of death to a sporting career?

It occurred to me this morning that having giving sums of money that would require several DROPS pallets to deliver it, winning Nike sponsorship seems to be synonymous with falling from grace in train wreck style if you look at the likes of Messrs Woods and Armstrong.

So what are the odds that Rory McIlroy will go off the rails and turn out to be some coke addicted/kiddie fiddler/rampant tax avoider/pyramid scheme promoter/sister-in-law shagging etc. knobhead in light of his deal this week? After all, bad news comes in threes.
Well, if it gets him into the knickers of someone that looks like Tiger's ex, and he has as much fun as Armstrong in telling the world to feck off whilst high as a kite, lots of luck to him.
With filthy rags like The Sun watching his every move, the poor feller won't even dare pick his nose or scratch his nuts for the duration (if he's got any sense)

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