Kirton Barracks- AD role again?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rapierman, Oct 21, 2004.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone with their finger closer to the pulse than me knows whether there is any truth that Kirton is gonna be an AD base again even after disbanding 22 ?
    The current rumour in the town is that some rock apes are movin in with FsC ? ? ? please enlighten me someone.
  2. Having once lived in KL for 11 years myself i'd be interested to know too!

    Is the place empty now or what? i heard a rumour about immigrants a year or two back.
  3. I thought the last review said that the Rocks were to lose the GBAD role? I can't see it happening unless they want more space at Honington for Field Sqns.
  4. I heard that the RAF would be taking the base, as an overspill from Waddington.
  5. RAF are moving back in for a while until Scampton is refurbished. Don't know what will happen after they move back to Scampton.
  6. The raf moving back to scampton are they?

    So is the MOD going to buy back all the pads quarters ? :lol:
  7. Kirton will be used as the singleys overspill for scampton thats what the monkey on the gate says 8O