Kira Cochrane - again

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crabby, Feb 5, 2007.

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    I don't have time, but could someone pull the choicest comments out of that article?

    Seems like someone suggested Little Miss Chubby 2007 (Kira) have liposuction as her arrse is the size of a small town. Why's she so against it. She fecking needs it. At point one she describes "a perfectly natural, healthy bulge of fat"? What the fcuk? Fat bint lose some fecking weight now
  2. She should have the fat sucked out of her brain, not her arrse. It may let her develop some original arguements rather than the tired fat feminist crap she peddles.
  3. you would think so, looking at you love.
  4. Dear Ms Cockless,

    It might be perfectly natural for the Balaenoptera musculus (blue whale) species, but not for Homo sapiens, even one such as yourself who has only a peripheral association with our species.

    Please note that I made no reference to Physeter macrocephalus (the sperm whale), as I very much doubt that you have ever been within 30 metres of sperm, except perhaps at the ill-starred moment of your conception.

    Have a day.

    Yours contemptuously,
  5. I want to spit at her.

    And that's all the effort I'm putting into this trout, since she's so far up her own ARRSE, that it's impossible to communicate with her.
  6. So 2.5 kg a time and three months to see the full result? I have calculated that she needs about 42 years just to shrink that arse.
  7. You mean she was concieved and not spawned? Learn something new everyday...

    Kira, as a gopping civvy I can assure you that I wish to spear a hole in one of your many chins, forcefully ram by little todger into the hole and throatfcuk you between the many fatty folds that lurk there. As I approach completion I will break through to your trachea and shoot my little swimmers down your throat. Why? Cos you're a fat, ugly b*tch with zero writing ability and a very misguided approach to life and "feminism"

    editted to add a photo showing exactly where I'll shove my little man for the sake of men and women everywhere (if you hadn't guessed she's the whale)
  8. Lazy lazy girl. She uses 'Bloody' and 'Christ' in her headers-
    oooo swear words and blasphemy will make me read on for sure...
    and also has the audacity to fire cheap shots across at other papers.
    It's as though she had decided the end result of her article before she researched it and contradicts her own assumptions within the piece yet still doesn't adjust her conclusions to fit the facts.
    Those who have liposuction are of normal or near to normal weight and
    Kira protests
    Try reading your own writing dear and the answer is there-
    Sloppy sloppy journalism- nothing unusual in that though is there?
  9. Is it just me, or is the gist of the article "I went to get the fat sucked out of me, but I'm a Big fat bloater, and the Doctor said it wasn't safe for me to go under the knife, because I'm fat, so now I get the opportunity to say how I would never do Liposuction and take a moral high ground, where, in fact, it's because I now longer have the option, on the account of my big, fat, bloated carcass."
  10. [​IMG]

    Kira Cochrane, you are a fucking thing. Have liposuction, be one of the 20 odd thousand, and be one of the fuckers for it to go hideously fucking wrong!!
  11. My, isn't everyone crabby today.

    She's a big lass who probably has enormous chebs, but I don't think lipo would do a lot for her anyway. It would seem she has bigger problems (namely elephantitis).

    Could be worse, she could be on the telly...

    If a bird or chap with man boobs wants the fat sucked out of them, why the fcuk not?

    Also, 2.5kg is over 2 litres in volume. That's a sizable belly in anyone's books.
  12. Well as Suman-the-gasser says ...

    Surgeon:That's it! Wake this woman up right now. I want to look her in the eye and tell her that she's ruining my operation because she's too fcuking fat!
  13. Wondered how long before this appeared on arrse! She also gave us a piece on beauty contests this week............ for a women's editor of the grauniad you are really scraping the barrel love. Jill Tweedie must be horrified at what you are producing.

    Ok, I'll admit it, I'm a Guardian reader....
  14. but i LIKE moobs!!!!!!!
  15. Ah Millie Tant strikes again. Every time I see that 'photo I remember just how fcuking massive she is, not only is she obese, but she's about 7' tall.

    Interesting how one of the links at the bottom of the article is titled 'Gender Issues', rather appropriate don't you think?