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Kip mats

Trying to get my sprog some decent kit for cadets ( don't start ) Anyway , does anyone have a decent source ( ie cheap ) for those folding german kip mats ? I don't want the arktis cam one or the one from Penrith Survival

These guys seem to be the only ones on the web http://www.flecktarn.co.uk/flbkm1ux.html

Its either them or take some harry black maskers and a knife to an issue one



Personally, I wouldnt bother with the folding kipmat, I used one on an ex once and was so cold and uncomfortable i may as well have been awake all night.
The space saving is obviously a good feature but they offer little, if any, thermal/padding benefit.

Best option is euther an issue one, or for a bit of gucciness, get hold of a thermarest (there is a US forces issue one).
Whack that inside bivi, under sleeping bag so you dont roll off it in the night and Bob is your mother's brother.
Home Guard Supplies in Northamptonshire sel them for £5 each. I think you will find that is somewaht of a bargain!!

01832734630 - Good bloke who runs it.


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