Kinkiest thing done

No one knows who anyone is here (ok so a lot do but we'll overlook that) whats the kinkiest thing you've done in the bedroom, what if you told your friends would make them say "you weirdos"...........


I know a girl (not me honest) who bit the top off her cadbury's creme egg and shoved it on the end of her hubby's knob, then licked the cream off.

Cadbury's creme egg - how do you eat yours.


War Hero
I used to know a girl(danish) who I had lots of fun  with...on friday night she would get a chinky to take away.....insert the pork balls in her "hows yer father" pour the sauce upon her minge and proceed to squeeze the deep fried parcels of yummy pork onto my receptive tongue............every time I have a chinky I get a hard on!


Gorgeous (obviously) oriental minx who smeared Vic's vaporub over the old fella then sank down upon my glorious length, declaring, "Oh my God, that feels so good, it's so hot."

I was wearing a condom or else I might have passed out - it was warm enough when the dribbly remains of the vaporub oozed down over my balls.

Oh and if you've read my contribution on the ambitions site, I was not paying for this experience, by the way.


Years ago a mate returned from a 3 week exercise (in the good old days before field showers and that "homo" hygiene thing) wherupon he went for a good old "post- exercise dump" While he was curling one down, his wife went down on him! Now thats what I call a loving relationship.

P.S His wife was of the Irish Variety!
girlfriend upchuking over toilet bowl after particularly long session went behind her ,patting back ,caring and all that good stuff.

got a rummage in the trousers so skirt up knickers down did the dirty while she just puked, got towards vinegar stroke she,s at the straining spew point ,cant get much out but liquid.
strains so hard she sh*ts herself all over my front (diorea) oh well ,got to finnish on the vinegar havent you!!!!!!!!smell was awful though :-/


was you putting vinegar on your chips while she was chuking WEIRD! but strangggggggggle kinky
One time long ago in germany i took a bird back to the block. As i shared a room i didnt want to do the deed with my roomate watching. So in my drunken state of mind we went into a mates single bunk as his door was open and I knew he was still out.
Afterwards i went for a piss then went back to my own room and got my head down.
Then next day the lad owning the single bunk was boasting that when he came home there was a bird in his bed and he did her. Poor soul little did he know id been there first and he had to wake up next to her the next day.
Sloppy seconds please.



Fill yer boots.... :wink:



Whilst on Salisbury Plain in 1988, I took the liberty of placing some rabbit turds in to an open pack of compo mixed nuts and raisins.

I then watched my trench buddy, neck the lot in a one-ner.

Though not textbook kinky, I laughed so hard, that I gave myself a semi-on and pumped a tablespoonful of mud into my undercrackers.


The missus taught me a very nice trick with Alkaseltzer tabs and an icecube.......Then a coulpe of different ways to eat strawberries and cream..with champagne of course!! :wink:
Rode round in an open top tram in Hong Kong (84) impaled on some Thai girl I'd met that night & promised to marry in the morning. Never did marry her but the trip home on Star Ferry was just as interesting. :twisted:

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