Kings Troop

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by machiavelli, Sep 18, 2006.

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  1. Could someone explain to a non arty bloke what the organisation of Kings troop is ?

    I don't mean the gun sections etc but i have a mate who insists that the Battery size organisation is in fact treated like a Regt ie CO not OC and the BK is the equivilant of a Regt 2IC etc.

    Is this the case and if so where does an organisation of only 170 pax get off thinking that they have a Commanding Officer as a major and the rest of us have Officer Commandings ??
  2. Fcuk me mate dont take it to heart.
  3. Not really that bothered to be honest but as it is rammed down my throat everytime i see mate that as a section Sgt he is actually the same as a BSM i thought (not being a gunner ) that i would try to find out some information.
  4. Kings Troop are a non entity unit and are only good for ceremonial Sh##e
    they have no part in out REAL deployment army. Your mate can call himself what he likes but he is just a complete loser!!! he should try and join the mans army and get himself to Iraq or Afghan REMF
  5. i hate kings troop, its full of lezzers and REMFs
  6. Agreed although on my last visit some of the aforementioned lezzers looked quite nice - not your standard dungarees and hairy armpit bde....
  7. i've got nowt against lezzers, its just birds smelling of horse sh#t that gets my goat
  8. agreed again but does the sight of women in tight riding trousers not off set the smell of horse crap ??

  9. CHARGE TEMP, Quality and as usual full of of your charming wit.

    Good to have you back online, so where have you been since Cyprus?
  10. im a lesbian and i find your last comments totally unacceotable
  11. I'm a lesbian and so's my wife
  12. "im a lesbian and i find your last comments totally unacceotable"

    I'm the son of an english teacher and found your last post unacceptable!
  13. i'm in the Troop and ive counted one lesbian out of 48. Why not come over and visit instead of knocking something you know very little of. Troop that is and not lesbianism.
  14. Only one lesbian horse out of 48?

    King's Troop really aren't trying on the diversity front, are they?
  15. you never know, it might grow but at the minute i count one, will breif up the equal ops bod and find out if we need to post any more in