Kings Troop to get M110s


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Apparently the old horse drawn guns are getting a bit worn out now and a need to move into the new century, and a show of force for visiting tourists etc has prompted some interesting conversation and ideas as to the way ahead. Biggest sticking point at the moment is the application of kneeling gun drill.


ok... im not in the army yet but please correct me if im wrong...
when i put m110 in google it come up with this "203-mm self propelled artillery gun"

is that right??

if so it doesnt look like it belong in the new century, and its not british, but as Wikipedia says we did use it...

isnt the fact the kings troop use the old horse drawn guns part of the tourist atraction? why not just spend some money fixing and 'doing them up' (the old guns that is...)

sorry if im talking s*** btw...


What a load of horse cr*p. The guns have plenty of life left in them and I think that the local residents might get a bit upset with M110's driving down the street :D


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It just won't look the same with horses pulling a M110...
jason2000x, this is a wind up I think....


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'Left wheel' will cause some damage too me thinks and gawd knows whats going to happen with the spade down. Firing a charge bag as big as a well fed goat will cause some seroius window rattling several streets away as well.Tsk,tsk whatever next. Still.... the MOD knows best.......


donkeywallop said:
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. interesting. More to the point what will the residents of Tidworth think when we move there in 2013.

Look forward to seeing royal birthday salutes fired outside Lidl.
Recent rumours had implied that the Troop's interest in eight inchers were focussed away from their own equipments...


I would have thought that we would have gone for guns used by the RHA rather than flat button planks.

What about the Abbot as used by 1 RHA and 3 RHA, or the 105 pack howitzer.

I recall that the 110 was only used by by flattys


I think the way defence cuts are going we will all be going back to horse drawn guns.
M110 203mm (8 Inch) SP gun last used by 32 Regiment RA in Op Granby (Due to Belgium not supplying M107 175mm ammunition and the ease of resupply from the Americans).





Please observe they are mounted on the same vehicle chassis, but also, the significant changes in the 2 guns with regards to barrel length and the fact that the M110 has a muzzle brake.

Dont expect to see these "Heavy" guns anywhere but a museum display.


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Nice pics GC. Still cannot figure out how chaps/lassies in ceremonial gear are going to look driving those things though.

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