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Kings troop- six men and women in Afghanistan at any one time?

Hi, just wondering what role the kings troop does when it deploys to afghanistan because all of the info on the website is reagrding ceremonial duties and that they have a role of territorial defence of the uk. The website then goes on to say that six men and wome are deployed in afghanistan at any one time however there is no other info. Do The fire Light guns or perform some other role? can anybody shed any light on this thenkyou.


You get to be RSM as a donkey-walloper, doing 22 yrs with KIngs Troop with a few years in real RA/RHA Regts inbetween, where you pretend to know something about Artillery pieces and the running of a Gun-Bty, although you were always bemused that the Limbers had their own engines and didnt go "nay". The more Royal Arse-licking you do, and Goodwood piss-ups, the quicker the promotion, just like that **** Dxxx Wxxxxn

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