Kings Troop RHA

I just want to know a bit more about what these guys do.

I've looked on the RA website buit i want a more personal view
Do they do mainly ceremonial duties and do they get to go on tour as often as other regiments?
If anyone has any comments/advice/info, please say as they would be very much appreciated.
Thanks very much
The King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery is stationed in St John's Wood, London. Its duties - as part of the Household Troops - include the firing of Royal Salutes in Hyde Park on Royal Anniversaries and State Occasions, and providing a gun carriage and team of black horses for State and Military funerals.

It also takes its part on other ceremonial occasions such as Remembrance Sunday, the Lord Mayor's Show and the Queen's Birthday Parade. In addition the Troop performs the duties of the Queen's Life Guard at Whitehall for one month each year.
Soldiers joining the Troop will spend the first three to four years working with as a Mounted Gunner before they can get the chance to be employed as saddlers, farriers, tailors, storemen, vehicle drivers or orderlies, everyone who joins the King's Troop will learn to ride. There are only a number of postitions available in each of the above trades, of which each individual will go through a selection process.

Those who work as a Mounted Gunner are given riding and horsemastership instruction and, according to their ability, are trained to ride on parade. They may become limber gunners who look after the guns or 'stablemen' responsible for the feeding of the horses. After passing your recruits ride you get a chance to ride out on exercise in the morning and each person has a team of horses to look after in the stables. Although some knowledge of horses and riding is desirable before joining, this is not essential; the main requirements are the keenness to learn, a fondness for horses and the willingness to work the long hours that all animals require.

Although established and founded to carry out primarily the state ceremonial and routine public duties such as Royal Salutes and Queens Life Guard, The King's Troop is also required to be prepared for tasks in support of the Territorial Defence of the UK. Such tasks could include Military Aid to the Civil Community and recently took part in Op Fresco when the Firemen went on strike.

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