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Just wondering if anyone could tell me about officer recruitment into the King's Troop RHA. I'm at uni in the process of joining the TA (RLC), but when I graduate I want to keep up my showjumping, which I do at quite a high level, and having always been interested in the army reckon the King's Troop could be a good choice, so was wondering if anyone could tell me what life in the troop is like. There's plenty of info about the HCav knocking about on the net, but not much at all on the troop. Cheers for your help.


The Troop doesn't really recruit directly - ie you will have to complete Sandhurst, RA YOs Course and at least one tour within The Royal Regiment. It'll be at least 2 1/2 to 3 years from leaving Sandhurst before your feet touch St John's Wood. On posting you will have to complete a 6 1/2 month long riding course at The Defence Animal Centre at Melton before you start your hamdover at The Wood, and at least 8 weeks or so of handover before you take over your Section of 24 odd horses and about as many men/girls.

Alternativley you could wait until your 3rd tour (5/6 years after leaving YOs) and you could go as The Adjt (discipline) or Troop Captain (Quatermaster-esque). Both will also involve the Long Course at Melton.

Lots of training before you even get to St John's Wood, and a bloody busy time once you get there.

An excellent job - if it's your type of thing. It won't be all showjumping (Commanding/managing Soldiers, your job, duties, Royal Salutes visits, hosting etc etc will see to that) but you will get you fair share, mostly paid for by the army.

You will ride two army horses each day - before your own if you have/take them. You will also have all the responsibilities of a Troop Commander of soldiers on top of looking after the welfare of upto 30 horses.

In short, you will be in the Army not pony club (don't take harshly, just a reality check) and work bloody hard. But great fun and rewarding - if you like that sort of thing.

2 years ?

True perhaps, however they are always looking for new applicants - only take 2 Officers a year (most years) and the plot is fluid, I believe. So if you are interested it is always worth a shot !

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