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King's Troop RHA

It looks like the same female who fell off her horse in the middle of the 'musical ride' at the British Military Tournament. Bad luck, bad horse or bad rider?!
You forgot fat arrses.

Personally I love a woman in uniform, police officers are nice. Although 90% of the women in the band were hot stuff.
A Dominatrix in the making, see way she kept hold of her whip.

Trying to maintain their mount one handed in that situation would result in same conclusion for a male or female trooper.
Riding is dangerous regardless of the circumstances. Horses are not machines and can react in all kinds of ways, sometimes you can control them and sometimes you can't, regardless of how experienced the rider is.

I have my fair share of bruises from falling off horses over the years.

But this really is a non-story. I mean "Rider falls off horse! Then gets back on!"
The British Army has been taken over by women.

My last SSM was female

My OC is female, my 2ic is female, my Staffy is female, my Troop Sgt is female

All the Junior Ranks are blokes. The working world has gone full circle.
Good to see the Ones who think they are the most senior Regiment in the British Army is "manned" by females :confused:

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Please look at capbadges of the british army. They show the correct order of seniority.

Would like to say well done to the chap in the last picture who managed to actually get to a war zone. Unless the rest of the war-dodging-Diamond-jubilee-chest-filling war dodging bastards.

Did make me laugh though when I saw the picture of her having a bit of a cry. Crap riders anyway.

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