Kings Troop RHA - Classic Tales

So many memories, I'll start..........

Who can remember when two individuals each got seven days "pokey" for stealing a car (a green mini) belonging to........... the CO - quality!

What are your best memories?
How about the Bruce Forsyth look-a-like who got caught "knocking one off" in the accommodation wearing a pair of nylons! I think his room mate was locked out and so went off and got the guardroom ladder to get in via the window. Bet he was pleasantly surprised!
sniffle-snaffle said:
you pair of cackpipe commandos
Plant life - I take it your reserve failed you and you landed on your bonce once or twice?

donkeywallop - C and D mate!

Clearly you did well for yourself during your 22 - not bitter are you? 80% of your posts are "sla88ing" other people off with nothing constructive ever to add to the discussion. It surprises me that you have the level of intelligence required to use a PC, I mean you have to remember your password and all that.

Spelling and grammar is not really your thing either, is it?

Let me guess now, you do manual work thesedays?

However, "cack-pipe commandos" was funny, I'll give you that! Who thought of that for you?

Now, crawl back under your stone.

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