Kings Troop have found a new home

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Synergy, Jun 4, 2008.

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  1. A horse has just told me that the troop will be moving to woolwich in the next few years
  2. That's an awful long ride to Hyde Park!
  3. Well they will love that: stand by to see the horses being put out of action thanks to injuring themselves on the shite covering the local areas of grass (broken glass, used syringes, etc).

    Mind you, the greatest danger is probably from the immigrants wanting to eat the horses and steal all the 'gold' from their uniforms.

    I suspect the young officers will not welcome the attention of the local "ladies" quite as much as they do those of St Johns Wood and Hyde Park :)

    I wonder how long it will take them to move the troop to Horseguards for a display?
  4. I predict injuries during the stampede as said "ladies" seek out new babydaddies for their rainbow offspring.
  5. I'd heard the Troop was going to move to Hounslow.
  6. Trooping The Colour Sat 14th June 2008. Amazed that the Officer Commanding and the Adjutant for Kings Troops RHA were female ????

    Where have all the blokes gone
  7. Isn't it time this archaic anachronism was consigned to the history books?
    They are nominally all qualified gunners, get them on the guns and out of Central London, poncing around on "walking Frikadellen"

    We are short of troops , yet we allow 300 or so to do ceremonial duties, christ on the cross, even QCS do trigger time
  8. Darthspud - they are a recruiting tool, they do "trigger time" as you put it on attachments (the medals didn't come with the uniforms) and lastly - they're downright f*cking awesome to watch live bringing the guns into action and make every Gunners chest swell a good ten inches beyond the norm. Hands off the Troop - switch fire!

  9. been there, seen it , got nine fingers left
    Gunner meself, albeit TA
    we don't operate horse drawn equipment, they are an anachronism
    Yes, they are highly skilled, but so were the Royal Navy Gun Running teams
    Didn't stop their Lordships from allowing them to be 'rationalised' and returned to the manpower pool.

    I know all the arguments for keeping them, but they do not hold water.

    Even the Red Arrows have to make do with pilots for less then normal time, and they are seriously in jeopardy of being 'rationalised' and they do far more PR for HMF than Kings Troop could ever hope to achieve.

    Reality is , we need soldiers , not jockeys and girls /boys who join up to play with ponies.
  10. When ther are no Ceremonial vists taking place etc, what do KTRHA do.
  11. Is it confirmed that King's Troop RHA are moving to Woolwich or is it just another LonDist rumour?
  12. Waste of public funds.
    And yes I know the "they keep the gunners in the public eye" dribble, people who watch that and are impressed tend to be holding mum's hand while they pick their nose with the other free hand.
    The money this lot soak up would be better spent on operational kit or welfare packages.

  13. Oh will you just f*ck off

    Ceremonial is awesome, whether it be the Wooden Tops or the Drop shorts, or for that matter any mob on public duties.

    They are good for Tourism (quite big in London town)

    They are good for recruitment

    And if nothing else they put the army (both ceremonial & operational) on Prime time TV for the best part of 2 hours on a Saturday morning raising public awarness.

    Stop being so f*cking churlish and just accept them as a f*cking good KAPE tool

    As for the female OC, Adjt comment, welcome to the modern army we have split arrses 8O doing the do wherever we are deployed
  14. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Christ, some Arrsers other than Sven really do vote Labour.

    Kings Troop - as much as donkey walloping is not my thing - is a priceless asset to the Army, with all the traditions it upholds. I appreciate the arguments about "we need these trained gunners on the front line" but we've only been seriously stretched in the sandy places since 2002 - do you fuckwits seriously want to bin hundreds of years of ceremonial history over a half-decade spat in the sandpit? Last time I checked, far far more soldiers had died in conflicts that are commemorated by the ceremonial duties carried out in London than what we are currently involved in.

    Losing the Royal Tournament was a fucking travesty, lets not let the rot spread further.
  15. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    So we'll bin the whole Ceremonial agenda then. We'll just do Ops. Cancel all Army Sport, re-align the PT Corps to train for battle fitness only, cancel all adventure training. No public parades, no recruitment, no jollies. Just Ops.

    Grow up, you twat