Kings Shropshire Light Infanty

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Slight99, Dec 20, 2005.

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  1. I'd be grateful if anyone could post any information about the King's Shropshire Light Infantry

    in Palestine (?) 1945 - (?) 1947..

    there is very little information available on the web

  2. Hi, I amo looking for info on KSLI also but from 1976-1980 roughly.
    My reason behind this is i am trying to locate Isaac Brown who was in Copthorne Barracks around that time. He would possibly be about 46 now. He was also originally from Newcastle.
    Any info would be great. many thanks Emma
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The regiment was amalgamated with the others in the LI brigade to become The Light Infantry in 1968. There is a web site LI reunited where you can post looking for lists.
  4. Did the KLSI not becum the basis for 3 LI. They where station in Seaton Brks in Plymouth back in 69 and we had two former Officers as pilots on my old unit and later two excellent JNCO's posted in as observers, all where ex KLSI.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    JW pretty much right as the Durhams were put to bed and distributed amongst the other understrength Bns. KSLI would I think have been either 2 or 3 LI as SCLI plus add ons became 1 LI! There was a move to spread regimnetal silver around the 3 remaining Bns so as to ensure there was no county Bn bias! Didnt stop ex DLI ranks rising and being pains in the *$$ over counties later!
  6. The Light Infantry was formed in 1968 from the Somerset and Cornwalls (1LI), Kings Own Yorkshire KOYLI (2LI), Kings Shropshire (3LI) and Durhams (4LI). At the time the Greenjackets only had 2 Bns. In 1969 4LI (Durhams) was disbanded and RGJ got it's third Bn. DLI members were offered a discharge or soldier on in the other bns which were now known as 1, 2 or 3LI without the County titles after the number. As 2LI (Yorkies) was mainly up to strength most of the Durhams were sent to 1 or 3LI. I joined in 74 and the majority of Geordies were in 3 but I was sent to 1LI where there were still a number of ex-Durhams. :wink:
  7. My dad joined the KSLI in 1948 though he neve mentioned Palestine. Must have been a different Bn. or maybe he joined them when they left there - went to Hong Kong and Malaya before going to Korea. Alot of KSLI were used as reinforcements for the Middlesex when they went to Korea from Hong Kong. When the Middlesex were relieved by KSLI they were all rtu'd so did 2 tours!
  8. Dates are a little out here. 3 RGJ was due to go in 1972 under plans set in 1968. After a change of Government in 1970 the incoming lot decided to keep on a number of battalions that were due to go but at company strength until recruiting levels could sustain battalion strength. On 1 August 1971 3 RGJ was reduced to company strength, known as R Company and the battalion was re-formed a year later.
  9. On LI, is it thought the badge pics below (all same badge) show Duke of Cornwall LI? Many thanks.


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  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The Duke of Cornwalls badge has a chunky Duchy crown and Corwall in a scroll! They look like officers cap badges from the LI! but could be something else, even O&B as the bottom right one has a crown?
  11. Thanks mate, the wearer, WWI era, came from Cornwall hence the thought there may be a connection? But it’s not quite right, for Somerset LI either. The chap was not a war casualty hence there is no CWGC record to simply lookup. He was down as General List, so?

  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Try the Keep Bodmin, DCLI museum, they would have records! I hope!
  13. Very true, and I’m sure they’re one of the more conscientious ones who make a decent effort to help – like the Argyll’s :thumright: – unlike some. :x

  14. Ah ha! - and not the pop band. Received a suggestion which seems to have cracked my badge quandary, King's Royal Rifle Corps. 8O

    Certainly the period is right and the pics found appear to tally.

    Similar to the new Rifles badge below, Queens Crown for Kings Crown, approx?


    And, this pic of another WWI KRRC officer.

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