Kings Shropshire Light Infantry 53rd & 85th (K.S.L.I)

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by lsquared, May 8, 2010.

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  1. Please can anybody say which of the modern regiments has the K.S.L.I. in its blood?

    I was born in Copthorne Road Barracks in April 1941 - I have the certificate to prove it. I was the first child to be Christened in the 'new' Regimental Chapel on 20th of Julu 1941 - I have the certificate, original, signed by: The Rev. F. B. R. Browne , C.F. - almost certainly I misbehaved.

    My father was K.S.L.I.

    Where is the 'K.S.L.I.' now?

    ALL The Rifles Battalions have my love and respect, but which one is the old 53rd?
  2. My Mum served with the KSLI (Curse a lie) during the war as ATS. I'll see what I can dig out for you although, sadly, my Mum has been dead these past 40 years.

    I might have to go all round the Wrekin though.
  3. In 1948 the KSLI was reduced to one regular battalion and became part of the Light Infantry Brigade, and in 1968 the four regiments of the Brigade (the KSLI, Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry and Durham Light Infantry) amalgamated to form The Light Infantry, with the 1st KSLI being redesignated as the 3rd Battalion of the new regiment.

    On 25 February 1993 the 3rd Battalion (formerly King's Shropshire Light Infantry) was renumbered the 2nd Battalion.

    In February 2007 The Light Infantry itself became part of the new large regiment, The Rifles in which the 2nd Battalion, The Light Infantry became 3rd Battalion, The Rifles

    Just copied and pasted sections from wiki, hope that helps.
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The lineage was blurred allready in the 4 Bn Bde and many drafts were sent where needed regardless of county. This obviously continued in the new 3 Bn Regt and some Bns retained a certain regional flavour regardless of the efforts of RHQ. All mess silver was shared out from all of the previous regts into the 3 Bns messes and the hope that personell could move freely between Bns only came to being with the ending of the arms plot but by then the regt had been subsumed by the Borg!
    The regimental trail therefore ended in 1968 when the 4th Bn (Durhams) was laid to rest and the troops shared out!
    In Theory My old Bn is now 5 Rifles but it isnt and hasnt been the same Bn since options for change!
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Based in redford Bks now I believe?
    The oddity of the mixing of the regions meant that 2 LI did a KAPE tour to Cornwall and was manned by an awful lot of Yorkshiremen, 1LI did Yorkshire being Somerset and Cornwall and 3 LI did Shropshire but by then was mainly geordies and Maccams.
  6. That's right based in Edinburgh, there was at least one young lad that was local as he was in my local boozer with his family after the parade. I got his round in as it was the very least I could do, after all it was a hard tour for them.
  7. Pay yourself a visit to Shrewsbury. Their museum is in the castle. It's excellent, the staff are extremely helpful and I can recommend the Lion hotel nearby.
  8. I was in Plymouth in 69 when 3 LI took over from the Argyles in the Brks across the road from Crownhill Fort.
    We had one officer Cpt Chambers and a full screw Pete and a lance jack Ernie as part of 8 Flt AAC.
    Cpt C had done the pilots course and all had served in Mauritius (?) during an insurrection.
    3 LI where in Minden 74/75, where our full screw Pete was now a Srjt.
    Definitely the old KSLI.

  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The Shropshires were the regt in the 4 Regt Bde with the lowest manning, always a rural problem, the two senior Bns had amalgamated in 56 as the SCLI and further amalgamation was always on the cards thanks to manning issues. National Service put of many of these off until by the mid 1960's there was little choice. The Durhams were the best recruited and had always been able to fill their quota several times over as had the KOYLI but as the Durhams were the junior regt in the bde they lost out. That meant that the lads from that recruiting area eventually would at some point tip the regional balance in the other Bns. The favourite Bn for the Geordies seemed to be the 3rd which on options for change became 2nd. The Special One wrote about the "Northern accents" he heard on being attached for the Bosnia trip. I do recall a certain Major who having served almost all his Regtl career with the 3rd Bn was pleasantly surprised to be in charge at last of a company made up mainly of west country men!
  10. Write to The Rifles HQ for this info or to MoD Whitehall or to General Sir Peter de Billiere C/O Rifles HQ; Peninsular Barracks; Romsey road; Winchester.

    Good Luck,
    snaijper(late 1RGJ; 4th Rifles) :soldier:
  11. Many, many thanks to you all. I couldn't follow the Wikipedia 'blood lines'.

    I have not been back to Shrewsbury since I was taken in May 1941, less than a month old, to live in Romford - right under the path of the Luftwaffe!

    I shall go to Shrewsbury again this summer.

    Again, many thanks. :D
  12. That fits, I served attached to 3LI on Op Banner in '91 and the accents were predominatly from the North East with a few from Shropshire and Herefordshire.
  13. Hi,

    Was anyone in Mauritius with the KSLI (3rd?) 1968? Was there a Irish or Scots bloke by the name of 'Greenham' (surname)? Any help and or details regarding KSLI's deployment in Mauritius 1968 (January) is highly appreciated. Cheers!

  14. Hi all,

    KSLI were stationed in Mauritius from Jan. - Nov. 1968. Can anyone help? Pls read my previous post.