Kings Own Yorkshire Yeomanry (LI)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by woodandy3, Dec 1, 2010.

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  1. having spent an age trying to find an image of said squadron/regiment capbadge(not of the badge itself i have one),just wondering if anyone had any other ideas of how to or where else to look for an image!!!???

    google is not my friend no joy there!
  2. msr

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  3. thanks very muchly your a Star!!
  4. Your right about google, I'm sure I used to be able to find one quite easily. I'll check with an old friend of mine...

    It was a regiment, it was formed from 8th (Yorkshire) Bn Light Infantry after SDR. It was part of RAC and used land rovers
  5. Didn't they have a drill hall in Wakefield? Not sure if that helps at all.
  6. yeah they did ! i think that was HQ!! i was at ponti ! i have the capbadge and blazer badge was kind of hoping i could get an image of it !
    unless i need to go down the route of getting someone artistic type to re-create it!
  7. RP578

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    Got this from Google Image search. Kelly Badge might have one for sale as they do have a pretty extensive catalog.
  8. A museum or maybe the town hall in Wakefield? Anything in the Cathedral?
  9. RP578

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  10. I remember one year the Light infantry marching at the remembrance parade in Barnsley. It was normally a terrible shuffle past as it was impossible to keep in step with the police band. The light infantry marched like they were on speed and it was a shambles.
  11. My conversion from heavy drill to light, was a move to the left quick march - rememberance parade in wakey in 89 - we did seem to go a lot faster when overtaking the para's.
  12. The drill hall in Wakefield is now 299 Para Sqn RE. They did have a regimental office at Minden House in Pontefract next door to RHQ EWRR before they became 4 YORKS. There may be some stuff here as well: Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Museum
  13. Thanks for the pointers Gents!
    have managed to get an image from the British and commonwealth Military Badge forum!