Kings Own Royal Border Regiment

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Master_Sniper, Dec 10, 2006.

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  1. Northern mongs with a dung coloured beret and red diamond-type badge, sound like you? _________________

    Sorry missed the Author: Mister Angry ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Nah Son, I'm going to quote You every day till hell freezes over.

    You went way over the line. Me fine, My Regiment No.
  2. Dear Mr Master Sniper,

    What is your beef? My brother was KORBR, and he is not as bitter as you. PM me for details, or maybe you are the shite he banged out.

    Are you trying to get someone to bite?

    Yours, Slug x

    (P.S. Fight on)
  3. Frantically frying......:)
  4. My brother was KORBR

    "Northern mongs with a dung coloured beret and red diamond-type badge"

    So that statement is okay ?

  5. Yep, now fcuk off you dull little northern grockle.
  6. No mate, it's not.

    There is nothing wrong with being a northern mong ( I prefer the word Scum), in fact I relish in the fact that I am a scouser and, indeed, scum. however, I think you need to calm your jets, you are fairly new and, ergo, think about what you post.
  7. Fcukin hell, ive just scared the dog off by laughing that hard, a lovely line there Lord
  8. Oy, step away from the keyboard muzzy, this one is mine.

    (how on earth did I become serious? Must be the drugs)
  9. Stop sucking up, you obviously don't get out much.
  10. Well thats the thread ruined now Dale the Spunkdump has arrived and added her comedy stylings. You make Jimmy Krankie look like an alternative comedian.
  11. Dale, thats true :)
  12. I am "fairly new" ....................... Sorry I bow to Your experience.

    This is a web site dedicated to serving and ex- Soldiers or has all the quoting of arrse in the press been a bunch of "my brother was in ...."

    You of course are ex Army
  13. Boom boom tish

  14. The only experience Dale has is in using man muck as a mouth wash each morning. She's a civvy. Always has been always will be.
  15. Wounded, wounded.

    Check your PMs sniper.

    That hurt muzzy xxx Ow ow ow hehehe