Kings of Leon, Only By The Night

Got this album couple of days ago, and it's awesome. If anyone's undecided, I'd say get it, it's brilliant.

I'm there :D. Cannot wait.
I saw them a couple of years back at reading festival-brilliant, even though I was a bit too p1ssed to appreciate it fully!
I saw them at Reading as well, was bloody awesome. The album is a little short, but it's 42 minutes of amazingly good music! Cannot wait til they come to liverpool, will be brilliant.
Sex on Fire's on my iPod at the mo, and is good if underdeveloped - got their first two albums, but they've always struck me as a singles band. Is the new album good all the way through?
IMO yes - if you have all thier albums , you can follow they way thier music flows from thier first to thier latest. I've liked all thier stuff though.
Mate, if they're a single band, then they've got 11 crackers on this album. It's brilliant from start to finish, and like civi up there said, if you have the other albums, you can really tell the progression. Would definately reccomend buying it, and if not, then download my top three songs, Use Somebody, 17 and Be Somebody, they're all cracking.
Sex is on fire is an amazing song. one of their best, in my opinion. saw them twice in 12 months - totally spectacular!

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