Kings have some kit 'go missing'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_C_Hinecap, Jul 14, 2004.

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  1. From the Sun..........

    4 killing machines on loose

    Defence Editor

    A NATIONWIDE hunt was under way last night after FOUR long-range Army machine guns were stolen.
    The weapons — swiped from a barracks — are accurate at a range of up to one kilometre and would be a godsend to terrorists.

    Detectives from the Army’s elite Special Investigations Branch ordered an immediate “lock down” at Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire after the powerful guns were found to be missing last Sunday.

    Troops were barred from leaving for 24 hours and sniffer dogs were brought in to search their barracks.

    Sources say military cops suspect the theft was an inside job — and that the guns may be destined for sale to the drugs underworld.

    Civilian cops across the country have been alerted.

    The powerful Light Support Weapons — which are mounted on tripods — are a modified version of the standard SA80 infantry rifle, which is accurate up to only 400 metres.

    They have a longer barrel to provide covering and support fire during assaults.

    The stolen guns — which take standard 5.56mm ammunition — were in the armoury at Catterick’s Bourlon Barracks. They belonged to the 1st Battalion, the King’s Regiment — motto “Difficulties Be Damned” — which recently served in Iraq.

    Soldiers, known as Kingsmen, are recruited from the Liverpool and Manchester area. Prince Charles is Colonel in Chief.

    Last night an Army spokeswoman said: “We can confirm the disappearance of four weapons.

    “It is being investigated by the Royal Military Police.”

    Any comments??? :roll:
  2. any comments.........?

    any surprises..........?

    mancs and scousers ...... say no more. :roll:
  3. Its is obvious what has happened here, the armourer forgot the golden rule when dealing with the Kings, KEEP YER FECKING HANDS IN YER FECKING POCKETS CNUT!!
  4. I aint got 'em!!

    Eh, Eh, wanna fight?
  5. you know how they're looking for infantry battalions to cut..........

    has anyone ever served anywhere with the kings , and come away with any other impression than they are without a doubt the w*nkest mob around.
    i had the misfortune twice , and they really are a useless thieving bunch of cnuts.
  6. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    This seems to be the impression of most who have met them - so is it not nice to see them lose some kit for a change? :twisted:
  7. X INF , if it was lost then it's funny , if it was stolen and sold on , it's f*cking unforgivable. :roll: :twisted:
  8. The KINGO wives post pickets to watch their washing on the lines in case one of the others nicks their damp trollies

    We'll probably see the said items being zeroed on the streets of Moss side or on crimewatch
  9. Cyprus 98/99. Island wide warning on all orders Tri-Service, RAF and all units reminding everybody to "look after your valuables - keep crime at bay, etc"

    Funny the Kingos arrived the next week.

    Ain't smoke without fire.

    mind liked the extensive Jurno resurch into the Tripod and that they take
    Ah thats were the rest of the Army is wrong, we use non standard 7.62mm in out 5.56mm weapons.
  10. Aaaah, thats more like it........
  11. Can't wait till they're found.
    Never seen a sawn-off LSW before.
  12. Ah The Kings. Not changed since my day.
    john :roll:
  13. I've got it...........the KINGO officers have borrowed them for their next Officers Mess/SNCOs Mess clay pigeon shoot.............. :D
  14. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Never heard of a 5.56mm weapon as being powerful before...
  15. Depends which end they saw off I s'pose.
    The old ones are the best ones, eh!