Kings Div East-West split = merger for KORBR,Kings and QLR

Whole thing's a disgrace. The Yorkshire regiments have looked to save their own skins by marginalising the 'West of Pennines' - a fatuos division at best, it won't save their skins from future cuts - 3rd Bns of all regiments will be first to go next time round.

If we end the current system, we should bite the bullet and create a functional 'corps of infantry', managed and recruited centrally. Local ties will not survive this planned half-breed abortion. New psychological and moral drivers will need to be found to replace the cohesion that will be lost - and this can only be done through training. With a 100000 man army, we should be the legions of sparta. Insert some P Company and Commando tests at the end of PCBC and ITC Warminster, and recreate the INfantry as an elite, rapidly deployable ever-ready organisation with units for any environment, and reorganise for functional operational reasons - not political and resource reasons.
It breaks my heart to say this. I will shed a bitter tear when the red diamond is broken.
Sadly I'm inclined to concur with GUB. If large regiments are inevitable let's go the whole hog and create an elite force. Though I think the Scots would have the biggest problem with this total dilution of the Scottish infantry regiments.
Announcement should be today. What is incredible is that Kings Div look like losing two battalions, not one, whilst the Jocks survive with 5 battalions! Despite promises that this is based on recruiting alone, out of the 7 worst manned bns, 5 are Scottish, whilst Kings Div is amongst the best recruited divs in the Army. If we only lose 1 jock bn now, we will only have to backfill them in the future!
I used to serve with 4 QLR and there were rumours before the SDR about the QLR someday becoming the Queens Lancashire Fusiliers, after all there were Lancashire Fusiliers in the past, I think they wore a yellow hackle like the primrose backing the boys wear today. Also 4 QLR is the Lancastrian and Cumbrian Volunteers, so will they change to reflect the mergers if they take place?
The Lancashire Fusiliers did exist, and merged with the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, Warwickshire Fusiliers and Royal (City of London) Fusiliers to form the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

What amazes me through all this madness is that the Divisions of Infantry appear to be more sacred than the Regiments. As a result, insane mergers are being suggetsed (RRF and PWRR anyone - recruiting from Newcastle and Plymouth?). I for one could not give a toss about the Division my Regt is in.

How about binning the current Divisions of Infantry and starting again? May I suggest that all regimental footprints are plotted and then regiments are grouped geographically. This would make mergers slightly less painful. In my eyes there are two types of amalgamation that can work - shared history (eg Fusiliers, LI etc - mergers which have already happened) or geographical (eg the Yorkshire Regiment or whatever they will be called). This throws up some intersesting options - a borders Regiments consisting of the RS, KORBR, KOSB and 1 RRF, with 2 RRF with the North west boys or West Midlands boys. Just suggestions, and not overly thought through. However, the strictures applied by the Divisions of Infantry have done no-one any good. Notice how "ill fitting" Regts have been shafted by their Divisions, eg the RGBW.

And don't get me started on the guards....
msr said:
Styron said:
The Wessex's covered all the west country through to the home counties.
Weren't 1 and 2 Wessex TA battalions?

Yes, and Richard Holmes of 'War Walks' fame was CO of 2 'Shock' Wessex back in the 80's.
The Yorkshire regiments are virtually untouched. Good luck to them.

West of Penines looks like a rare old mess. Damn shame.

Would I be inspired to join the Kings Lancasire Border Regiment? Not effing likely.

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