Kings crown capbadges

Three weeks into basic training in the RAMC, I was given a brass capbadge with a King's crown by a WOI who was leaving. I wore it all through my service, in preference to the shite Staybrite one, from 1966 to 1972 and was never picked up for it. Indeed, in those (far-off) days, many squaddies of all ranks wore capbadges with King's crowns, and not only in the RAMC.
When was the "official cut-off date" for the wearing of capbadges with King's crowns? Anybody know?

I should imagine that there was no cut off date as such. More likely, following the change in reigning monach, new pattern badges would have to be officialy designed, approved, produced and issued. Therefore I suspect that the "cut off date" for any individual is that upon which a replacement badge is issued.

The only reason for any delay I can imagine are practical ones, such as the new monach has to indicate which crown s/he will use. The terms King's Crown or Queen's Crown are not infact accurate, as the The Queen could have chosen to use any of the crowns available in the Crown Jewels. Indeed The Prince of Wales could opt to use the St Edwards Crown, currently used by The Queen, thus negating the requirement for any changes for many badges / emblems. However, no matter what crown is selected those badges / emblems that incorporate the use of the reigining monachs cypher (RMP & RE for example) will have to change.
Some regts retained the KC on their badges by dispensation, but were lost in the re-organisation of the army in 1959-62. I thought RAMC badges were bi-metal (brass/nickel) in the 40's-50's. I know they were replaced with thosae God-awful anodised ally things which seem to have become smaller!

Oh God I'm startin' to sound like a Walt!!

Sorry. Military badges and medals are my JOB.

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