Kings College Health Survey- update

The King's Centre For Military Health Research studies about 10,000 service people for signs of illness (mental and physical) caused by military service. Here's a brief summary of the update (about 4 sides of A4 with nice photos).

The study is now in phase 3. Ie it started in 2003 and now includes Herrick.

1. What has been the psychological cost of Telic/Herrick?
"No major differences" between war dodgers and those deployed. No "Gulf War Symdrome". A slight rise in anxiety/depression and alcohol misuse. US "where PTSD seems to become more common following return from deployment."
2 "What about Reservists?" Some problems then Reserves Mental Health Programme set up, improvement. Reservist now more likely to suffer psyche illness than Regulars, especially people at the sharp end. Illness "nothing like as high... as US"
3 "Most of you are Doing Well" Charties v helpful.
4 "Getting help..." still a big stigma attached to mental injuries. TRiM programme getting good results, proactive screening needed.
5 "Difference Between US/US"US rates much higher and not staying steady over time.Reason unkown- ?tour length
6 "Number of Tours"
No link between tour numbers and health problems. People who breach harmony rules more likely to get ill.
7 "Other Studies"
Cyprus study- does 48 hours on a beach in Cyprus work? (Who cares? bring it on!Str8bloke's opin)
8"Leaving the Services"- 4000 people screened. Long service people OK. Usually people who left after a short service get the trouble. (Does not address WHY people leave- eg "because I'm completely mad)
9 New study of service families TBA.
Summary, "Everything's fine- we're not as mad as the Yanks. Wibble."

The KCMHR is a big study, ongoing since 2003. It is important because it uses scientific technique to gather it's data. Which make it difficult for the gubmint to ignore it.
Website; King's Military Health

stay sane, groovers.

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