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Here are company warriors just after dismounting on the objective


Bad CO

Back filling for the Black Watch?

They were back filling a lot of things down their

There was a lot of love between those two Bns.
I thought it was the RGJ but it was a long time ago and I've slept since then!

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Yes. I always got it back, and the only "dodgy" photo was one of the QM in his vest
I'm not surprised! No-one in their right mind would leave a "dodgy" photo on your camera lest the parts in question met suddenly with the honed edge of a knife, still warm from the grinding wheel used to bring it to full sharpness.

Or dull it, depending on your level of ire at the time.


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Kosovo 1997? Got it from a wiki page


Remembering 3RRF were on Granby I googled the following which should lead you to lots of nice piccies. It gave some for Warrior in the 90's which I think is what you wanted.

op granby warrior apc - Google Search

For some reason I can't seem to upload the pics here. But click on each and you get a series more.

Hope this helps.


Here's one I took on Op Granby, 1 Staffs 7th AB, just before G day, see what else I can dig out, it's all in the loft...
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