Kingos, QLR and KORBR

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by semper, Dec 1, 2004.

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  1. how much does anybody know about the proposed amalgamations of these three regiments ?
    the Kings, Queen Lancahire regiment and the King's Own Royal Border Regiment
  2. think they want to turn it in to the kings cheshire and manchester regiment

    dont really care tbh

    note- I thought they wanted to amalganate kings with cheshires and qrl?
  3. People are going to die when all that goes ahead - Queen's Last Resort v. King's? There'll be fights....
  4. I think they will still be seperate battalions but part of the same reg

    and let's be honest, you put two different platoons together, never mind capbadges, and there are fights :twisted:
  5. Nice!

    I think the idea was to merge something like the Kings, Staffords, Cheshires and Woofers to form the Mercian Regiment. Dreadful.
  6. What about the

    "Where's Me Wallet" Regt


    "Wheres My Matches" Regt
  7. I heard Cheshires were going (merged into Kings?). Leaving Staffs and WFRs to form a strong (ie well recruited) Mercian Regt with 3 Bns (inc West Midland Regt TA) that should survive the next cuts.
  8. KORBR and QLR are to merge and then join the Kingos in a two batallion regiment.