King Tony

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ozduke, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. Has he gone yet?
  2. Yes thank fcuk. He has sold us down the swanny by giving up more of our heritage to the Europeans. He wants that to be his legacy. He wants to try reading the threads that fill this site about our brave personnel who have lost their lives. That is his legacy.
  3. the Celestial navigator also known as the Dear Leader has handed over to the Beloved Leader.

    They are both two cheeks off the same arrse if you ask me.
  4. What I would love to know though is how many gits on this site voted for the cretin in 1997. A fair few me thinks!!
  5. I think that the honourable Mr Brown has played a fantastic game.
    He has been the bain of Tony's life and many Britons lives for some time with his overly enthusiastic taxes.
    Now he is in power, he will go about fixing all things that are wrong with the country, increasing defence budgets, sorting out the NHS and everything else.
    This of course will inturn, declare him as the saviour of the UK and ensure that he remains in charge of the country for the rest of his life.
    The sneaky bastige.
  6. Of course my last post was wishfull thinking.
    Be prepared now for the abolishment of the Union Flag as the UK splits apart.
    More taxes
    Smaller Armed Forces.
    More ridiculous laws.
    A hammer and scythe to appear on the new flags.

    I fecking detest the cunt.
  7. I detested Blur as a Snake Oil Salesman from first day I saw him.
    Gorden has waited and plotted, left wing and long term dangerous.
    A bent Barsteward if I ever saw one wife and kid not withstanding.
    Dave has no chance. How the Fudge did he ever surface, a Who Ha Enry with a substance abuse problem.
    Ten more years for Labour.
    Time for them to see the last Tom.
  8. I see in the 'news' that Broon may call a snap election next year or even in the Autumn. I reckon the great unwashed will give them another crack at the whip. As a nation, why are we so fu*kin gullible?
  9. Just for your peace of mind - not me that's for sure!

    Why don't I think we have seen the last of this barsteward :?:
  10. I did but remember at the time, there was so much sleaze and general disdain for the electorate that they felt they can do what they wanted, the public was sick to the back teeth of it, anything else was better that Tories of 1997, they were in power too long and it shows, now Labour is making the same mistakes.
  11. I admire your honesty Semper, and while I agree that my granny could have beaten the Whoring Tories in 97 it was clear from day 1 that His Tonyship was a Minister of cheese and could not be trusted. Sadly, most of the dim witted population fell for his mug of tea drinking, baby on call naffness.

    I had enough – I got out! Come the revolution and I might come home! Once Brown has made a complete pig’s ear of it all once and for all!!
  12. With all the mistakes that Blair made, He still beat Boy Dave in the Mori satisfactionl ratings 33% to 28% for Cameron. This when Blair has only four days to go.

    I wonder what Thatchers rating was in Her last week :roll:
  13. Take your Red Flag elsewhere.
  14. I was still a kid in '97.. so it's not my fault! I think monster raving looney and the green party took most votes in the school election that year....

    Maybe we should start an arrse party?
  15. Ozduke


    Nothing like being an ostrich head is there

    And, seeing as I'm a card carrying member of the Lib Dems, I don't think that applies to me really


    Edited for manky spelling