'King Rat' 'inquiry'

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ciggie, Sep 14, 2010.

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  1. I despair. 30 million quid...for what? Bunging the family a million would have solved any problem once and for all. Tends to make one remember that most politicians are, or have been lawyers, and there's nothing like helping your pals out, eh?
  2. Every enquiry I read about depresses me more. Can anyone remember any of these circuses actually drawing conclusions that caused serious problems for the government or (for want of a better word) the 'establishment'?
  3. With you Flaggie. Observe the 'Expenses Scandal'...not an inquiry as such, but screeds of newsprint for weeks and......a handful of shifty shites get bustled through the courts and then business as usual.
  4. " Nobody did a secret deal
    Nobody was for sale
    Nobody bent the rules at all
    And nobody went to jail
    And all of them were honest men
    As white as driven snow
    And lived on a higher plane
    And shat on those below..."
    - All Clear: Roger Woddis -
  5. Bet bit is, after all that expense, after all the time spent on the inquiry and all the build up to the release of the report....... the rat's farther doesn't believe that there was no collusion. He is however happy that the report found that his son should have been looked after better in a high security prison and all doors are open for a nice compo claim.

  6. I believe the family took a civil case in 2002.
  7. Who gives a fuck? The guy was a nutjob. And a dangerous one at that. And so were his mates. That poor taxi driver was murdered as a "birthday present" for Wright.
  8. Its a pity the UVF never shot him, when they kicked him out for breaking the ceasefire, then it would have saved the 30 millon on the inquiry.
  9. Paddy gets up in a ltttle local which has folk music, says I'll give you some "freedom songs",yours truly gets upset, and barred, only mentioned this was ENGLAND and not ******* XMG, they were,nt so keen to show their murdering faces then. Sorry, just home from the incident and still boiling about, they make my piss steam. outa be a law.ffs "men behind the wire" in a corner boozer, the cheek of the cnuts.
  10. £30 Million wish I was a lawyer

    Well said SauceDoctor who gives a FCUK
  11. I think there's an essential difference between caring about whether or not yer maun got sent to hell and caring whether or not the administration at the time would have bought "peace" at any price...
  12. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    I was sort of interested in this. Top flight Hood in what was meant to be the most secure prison in Europe gets shot by another top flight Hood. Shooter escapes (in a prison) and there's no collusion....just incompetance.
    King Rats mate Swinger (now that was a real baddy, one without Wrights thin pretence of civilisation) manages to commit suicide, no enquirey, just a lot of quiet cheering on the side
    More importantly as the news broke at how lax the P.O.s were in enforcement around the LVF and INLA scrotes. Someoneone mentioned that the LVF had a dog smuggled in. The bar was united in outrage, a dog, a wee dog in amongst that shower of Keek (thinking of learning Ulster/Scots culture minister promised to safeguard the budget) The bar was outraged and we demand an enquirey or better still an Inquiry. We are hurt and traumatised and the wonderdog isn't sleeping we are not going to let this one sit it is one catastrophe too much... the wee dog.