King of the Walts

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ham-shank, Sep 30, 2006.

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  1. Normally I would have posted this on the Search for a Walt Star sticky but thought it too important to leave for the odd surfer.

    Having just returned from Iraq (Civvie Security) I thought I might share my memories of the proprietor of a certain Security 'Consultancy' operating, very profitably, in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

    This company has a number of multi-million dollar contracts with both the US Govt. and a number of multi-national corporations. I was treated to a sales pitch by a number of sales staff (including ex-senior staff officers) wishing to pick up a number of security contracts for contracts which my employers had successfully bid, who proudly told me that their company's founder was an ex- highly decorated RM Officer and former Officer in 21 SAS. They then proceeded to tell me how many ighly decorated ex-Brigadier and Major Generals sat on the board. No mention was made of the guys on the ground (which isn't surprising, considering the number of dangerous idiots and out and out grinners they employ). Intrigued, I asked the name of the legendary bootneck founder.

    With immeasurable pride I was told that the founder was called Mr X (pseudonym used on the advice of barrack room lawyers). Spitting my brew all over the desk, I told the assembled sales pack to, er.......... leave my presence.

    You see, the highly decorated RM and 21 SAS officer was no other than an accomplished Walt that I had the orgasmic pleasure of firing from a civvie security project in Algeria in 1997 after it was discovered that his CV was a comedy of intentional errors. The walt in question had told his employers at the time that he had served with HMRM for 7 years and left after receiving serious wounds in South Armagh in the early Nineties. He then claimed to have sportingly recovered from his career-shattering injuries to take on and pass selection in 21. And had since undertaken various sneaky beaky jobs for 'them' all over the world.

    Truth was that his knob had lasted approximately 8 weeks into Lympstone before being thrown out for general uselessness. Mr X then joined 21 and, in 3 tries, managed to get through 4 days of selection before being back squadded with injuries. He was then told by the CO of the Regiment that his services were no longer required. This still didn't stop him turning up for the annual summer ball of the Honourable Artillery Company in full mess dress, complete with miniature shiny stuff and SAS wings!

    My point? Where the fcuk are Fleet Street's finest when bluffing cnuts like this that can set up a company and send unsuspecting (and in this company's case, woefully un-qualified) blokes out to Iraq without a cursory investigation of THEIR past backgrounds? Even worse, some of his ex-senior officer employees know full well that he is a walt but justify their silence with the old 'I've got a family to feed, blah, blah' routine.

    Maybe the distrust of senior officers in Iraq and Afghanistan by serving soldiers is justified when many Toms see their 'superiors' schmoosing the likes of this scum in an effort to get a job when they resign their commissions.

    Be warned that PVR'ing and going to work for King of the Walts can be hazardous to your health.
  2. And maybe a hint of a name or corportate ID?

    These people need to be named and shamed and it is right that this wasn't included in the general Walts thread: those people are amusing but rarely dangerous.

    If a cnut is going rounf and attracting good men, only to possibly lead (did I say lead? I meant of course send) them to their doom then they need outing. Please also send info to Plod, the Torygraph and the Scum.

    All the best, and should you meet this cnut in person, sever one of his testicles from me. :)
  3. Dread

    I've already sent full details to Private Eye and a mate who freelances for a couple of the Broadsheets.
  4. Well done that man. Can you send it to some of the companies operating in that part of the world?

    Tim OB (not wan-kenobi), ex LI is out there and I can let him know if you want (in my Pl at RMAS)
  5. Dread

    PM and let me know which company OB is working for.
  6. PM sent.

    Death to walts before their fantasies kill good men!

    Ed to add: fantastic avatur: my wenches favourite character from the fast show and I have been trying to emulate the person for the last 6 years.

    Six breasts! All covered in fur... mmhhmhmh and then I had married 3 of them..... hmhmmhhhmmmm zzzz zzzz
  7. Does he look like Idi Amin, have a penchant for wearing a hackle behind an RSigs cap badge, falsify a log book and get booted off a flying cse at Wallop before blagging a Bell 206 off the SADF to fly himself and his girlfriend around "Sith Efrika" before running out of fuel and crash landing, and getting pinged by a speed camera in the UK with falsly registered BFG plates par chance?
  8. Oh, him. Last heard of in an arrse thread (binned/locked?) working for a management recruiting agency in Reading?. My memory is fcuked but his Walting made an impression for both variety and longevity.
  9. would he be the same doubled-barrelled named ex-scaley chancer who was found guilty of lying to a UK Court re his BFG vehicle status ?
  10. No, this is a different chap altogether.

    Scarily enough I have discovered that a mate works for them in Dubai so I have sent him a warning.


    If someone sees this guy wearing the upswept wings and gongs to which he is not entitled, is not a kicking in order? (verbally only of course!)
  11. Hi all, the double-barrelled chancer with "our" hackle behind a R Sigs capbadge was my coy 2i/c in 2 RRF in celle in 2000ish. Guy was a complete chod. He added the double barrell to his name in an attempt to be the first black officer in HCMC but failed, tried telling us he had been an RAF fighter pilot. Got hackle removed and boot inserted by a hardline CO after an altercation in Kosovo with a pistol whilst away from RRF yet still sporting his hackle. I managed to make him look a txxt infront od Gen. Jackson when he was COMARRC during ex arcade fusion was priceless.