King of the chavs is broke there is some justice after all.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Abdiel, Feb 22, 2011.

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  1. Anyone remember Michael carroll defined on this arrsepedia page

    Michael Carroll - ARRSEpedia

    Well is seems he has manage to quite incredibly squander his ill gotten 9.7 million fortune this apparently is the low down of his spending.
    £5million - Family and friends
    £1million - Gambling
    £1million - Rangers Football Club
    £800,000 - Televisions, sound systems and gadgets
    £400,000 - Cars
    £325,000 - House
    £300,000 - Parties
    £230,000 - Crack cocaine
    £200,000 - Jewellery
    £200,000 - Swimming pool
    £100,000 - Prostitutes
    £60,000 - Holidays
    £55,000 - Legal fees
    He's now a drunken alcholic who's just been electronicly tagged this is the sort of thing you could make a parable out of The story of Carroll the foolish cunt who had it all and lost it all.

    the articles here: Lotto lout Michael Carroll who scooped £9.7million jackpot now an alcoholic working for £75 per day, court hears | Mail Online
  2. And how many of his 'friends' are around to help out now?
  3. He's a moron, but how does winning the lottery make his winnings "ill gotten"?
  4. Well lets just say of all the people who did'nt deserve to win the jackpot of which there are many he (who was awaiting trial at the time for assault) was a front runner.
    Although he is working for a living now I'll give him that.
  5. Quite. He never had any real friends. You have to earn them, not pay for them. A real friend rings you up when they want nothing fom you - except maybe a pint and a curry.
  6. Glad to see he got his priorities right - £325k on a house - £800k on a stereo. Chav, check.
  7. I believe the MoD are looking to give him a job in procurement , he is eminently qualified .
    Mind you , given the amount spent on " friends " prostitutes and cocaine , he would do well in defence sales as well.
  8. Isn't this the same fuckwit who was 'mates' with Johnny Adair? Might have something to do with the donation to Rangers FC. Then again it might not.
  9. Living local 'ish' to KOC, you hear many stories (not that you want to, but theres fcuk all that happens this neck of the woods) and I have to say the write up is spot on! Well done that man!
  10. Why didn't he deserve to win? Didn't he pay for his ticket like everyone else? Very gracious of you however, to acknowledge that he has a job.
  11. Having the misfortune to live in the vicinity of this lowlife I can only say "serves you right you tosser, Im overjoyed with your plight".
  12. he had a very good accountant though to know were it all went
  13. Is this the guy that was on some program a few years back, bought flash cars and then him and his mates would just drive them round and round a field until he wrecked them? or is there more than one fuckwit who has squanderd his lottery win like a moron!
  14. I warmed to him a bit when I read he had "run amok" with a bat at a Christian rock festival. The image of that is making me chuckle as we speak.
  15. Well I suppose you have to give him credit for at least buying them