King Lairdx is now Emperor of the the union of united republ

I have got regional control. Finally. This is mostly due to Abacus' diplomatic skills.

The Password for the region is glenlivet. Don't give it to the numpties who I've just ejected.
I'm in! Bagsy me as 2IC!!!!!!!
Dale the snail said:
I'm in! Bagsy me as 2IC!!!!!!!

hahahahaha - new plan:

Dear Mr Lairdx,

my very great friend Dale the Snail would be a wonderful second for you. Please, please can she have Regional Control. I absolutely promise that she honestly, honestly wont do anything nasty to your lovely region.

Your very great friend, the most trustworthy,

Abacanian (Theme tune by Bluetones)

Psst, Dale,

we can get this one easy,

the password is glenlivet

So what do we do now. abandon the place? They can't get back in.
The Democratic Republic of People from everywhere said:
Received: 34 minutes ago Look at what you have done. I hope you are happy. Me and the so call nation who are been run by the same person. We are brothers! Of course we are going to come at similar times!

You say you consider as Duwei's friend. No, you back stab him. You back stab all of us. How many nations have already been rejected? At least when the founder is around there was a trial. Now?

It is obvious what is happening here. Laridxland is getting rid of all his opponets. Just like Hitler, killing off every thing that stand against him. You help him to that power.

Well, good on you. Enjoy your self. No freedom of speech. Great isn't it? Unless the RUD can come back and make things right (god know whether he is able to come back. The place is pass word protected) The only choice you have is to either leave or keep your mouth shut.

Well done.
The eejit forgot he was signed in as someone else.
multiple nations are against the game rules. Very naughty.
You'll probably find he's all the other nations as well, the trumpet! :D

Oh, and I've fired a missive out on 'ARRSEmail' to all and sundry reference the latest conquest...
Ah - I aren't emperor any longer. It seems the Founder can over-ride everything we do but just check out the boards.

they haven't seen the founder get this angry in four years.

He really needs to get out more. I get more angry than that at least five times a day.
Actually - scrath that.

The place you're in now (Allied Islands) is looking ripe indeed. Keep us looped in. Who's coordinating the strike - Lairdx or Abacus?

Just a small word to all and sundry, whoever they are. When you're on your recces, don't forget to return to Arrseonia via another region, else we all show up on the target regions screen! I nearly buggered us up a few minutes ago....
"2 hours ago The Republic of United democratic Oh yes, I am sick and tire of hearing thing like royalty are superiour. Stuf your royal crap up your ass.

Get lost before, I ban the lot of you. "

Someone has not read my theory on bad spelling, and also has their teddy in the corner!!!!!

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