King Lairdx is now Emperor of the the union of united republ

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Lairdx, Jul 15, 2005.

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  1. I have got regional control. Finally. This is mostly due to Abacus' diplomatic skills.

    The Password for the region is glenlivet. Don't give it to the numpties who I've just ejected.
  2. I thought Turretheid was the password?
  3. I'm in! Bagsy me as 2IC!!!!!!!

  4. hahahahaha - new plan:

    Dear Mr Lairdx,

    my very great friend Dale the Snail would be a wonderful second for you. Please, please can she have Regional Control. I absolutely promise that she honestly, honestly wont do anything nasty to your lovely region.

    Your very great friend, the most trustworthy,

    Abacanian (Theme tune by Bluetones)

    Psst, Dale,

    we can get this one easy,

    the password is glenlivet

  5. So what do we do now. abandon the place? They can't get back in.
  6. Leave a couple of sleepers - and let's get Allied Carpets - see Arrseonia Group email or Cuddles for details.
  7. The eejit forgot he was signed in as someone else.
  8. multiple nations are against the game rules. Very naughty.
  9. You'll probably find he's all the other nations as well, the trumpet! :D

    Oh, and I've fired a missive out on 'ARRSEmail' to all and sundry reference the latest conquest...
  10. Oooooooooooooooops! You were fed to my Junk folder! 8O Am I going to be busted? :oops: :lol:
  11. Something seems to have happened in the UUR, wheres Lairdxland and everyone else?
  12. Fekkin Ayslum seekers on vacation got us ;)
  13. B**stards!

    Oh well back to arsonia and start again I suppose.
  14. erm was just a term of joke speech, utter lies in fact. Carry on...... :)
  15. Ah - I aren't emperor any longer. It seems the Founder can over-ride everything we do but just check out the boards.

    they haven't seen the founder get this angry in four years.

    He really needs to get out more. I get more angry than that at least five times a day.