King George to head enquiry !

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Sep 7, 2005.

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  1. According to the BBC News the US President is to HEAD the investigation into the events of hurricane Katrina.
    He will personally lead the enquiry into his government. He wants to find out what went RIGHT and what went wrong.
  2. He plans to head the investigation as it pertains to the cabinet officials he appoints and the Senate confirms; with respect to whether they failed in their duties.

    Look the President (King George) is not an absolute ruler as you suggest. The US Federal Government has three branches; Legislative (House and Senate), Judicial (Supreme and Federal courts), Executive (King George). NONE can act alone, and each has distinctly defined roles.

    I suggest you educate yourself in the workings of the US Federal structure before you post nonsense. I would also suggest that you consider that the Congress (House and Senate) established the Department of Homeland Security and wanted FEMA to be under its purview. There is an absolute seperation of powers in this country, the President does not make laws he enforces them! The President does not pass spending bills he either signs them or vetos them. Our Constitution provides for the Congress to override a Presidental veto by mustering a 2/3's majority. That is far from the absolute power you imply.

    The Presidents investigation will be one of many, the only failing of our system is that Congress has powers to investigate all including themsleves but rarely investigates themselves.

    Hate Bush all you want, bash Bush all you want, but I would suggest you do it in an honest and intellectual way instead of sounding like a raving lunitic ;-)
  3. Guess you've never met Jon ;-)
  4. ctauch Bush has blown it. No need to get personnal, just look at it with out adopting a Yank attitude.
    He's like our teflon Tony.
    As one other board member says Facing reallity is not an America subject.
    Me get intelectual ha ha
    Clodbuster I'll get you in the playground cum playtime.
  5. ctauch Bush has blown it. No need to get personnal, just look at it with out adopting a Yank attitude.
    He's like our teflon Tony.
    As one other board member says Facing reallity is not an America subject.
    Me get intelectual ha ha
    Clodbuster I'll get you in the playground cum playtime.
  6. OK. I do this stuff for a living now, so can I have a say? It's going to be rather faecetious though and I WILL come across as a raving lunatic to you or anyone else whose idea of fair and balanced is Sean Hannity and Matt Drudge. :wink:

    1. Any member of Congress can introduce a bill. Any Republican Member of Congress will introduce a bill on behalf of the Administration in return for a photo op with the shaved chimp to put on their website and re-election flyers etc. . Any reluctant Republican Member of Congress will likely have a midnight visit from Karl Rove and will probably wake up with a horse's head in their bed, followed by an interview without coffee with "Bug Man"Tom DeLay or "Dr" Bill Frist first thing in the morning. To facilitate matters the White House has the office of Congressional Liasion to make sure things run smoothly and bury the bodies and, since they are to a man, the same brand of delusional evangelicals and backwater reactionary retards, the House and Senate leadership will typically bend over backwards to make sure it receives the appropriate floor time.

    2. Before the House and Senate make a complete balls-up of the federal budget every year (Sorry Louisiana, there's no money for flood defences in New Orleans, but here's $450 million to build bridges in ALASKA ffs.) the White House submits the Presidential Budget Request, which forms the basis for the ensuing fustercluck. At each stage of the PPBS cycle the Executive remains intimately involved, the President can signal approval or displeasure and, even though he has yet to do so, he CAN veto a bill. What would normally happen then is not a 2/3 vote to override, but instead the bill will be returned for amendment.

    Letting monkey boy run the investigation, despite the fact that the last investigation he ran looked into why the Spring '68 DKE pledge class were allowed to look into the pledgemaster's eyes during the initiation circle-jerk, is like asking the fox to investigsate recent thefts at the chicken coop. Everyone with two brain cells to rub together can figure that one out.

    Separation of Powers, and having three EQUAL branches of government allows for the other two branches to investigate the third. In order to remain impartial the only way the executive should become involved is through the appointment of a fully independent commission (like 9/11 and other fiascos) or, should there be evidence of criminal negligence, the DOJ could appoint a Special Prosecutor (remember them?)

    Oops, got a bit too far ahead of myself. Sorry. Had to spend all day dealing with clueless 19yr olds from The O.C. and needed to vent a bit...
  7. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    This will be a mirror image of Grinning Tony's recent "investigations" where the perameters are set in such as way that the commission only looks at periods and events that reflect well on the leadership and all others are excluded.
  8. Given that it was Bush that told the mayor to order a full evacuation in advance and the mayor ignored this (as well as ignoring the Louisiana emergency plan) is making all this trendy, rabid Bush-bashing really boring. So, if it's Bush's fault, then the fact that the mayor ignored him and ignored the emergency plan must also be his fault? Hell, why not? The storm itself is apparently Bush's fault too!

    As far as I can see, there's no problem for the President (federal) to head an investigation into Louisiana (state) and New Orleans (local) failings.
  9. Be honest, you don't have a clue, do you?
  10. Actually sounds he has more of a clue then you and you contend to do this for a living.

    BTW your rant was only half right, there is a far better seperation of powers then you suggest....otherwise there wouldn't be such a battle to get Roberts through as Chief Justice or some of the other Federal bench vacancies filled by Bush. Convienently left out of your diatribe and rant. Really nonsense like this belongs in the NAAFI, I have no problem you slagging me or my country off in the NAAFI find it a bit over the top to do it in Current Affairs, News and Analysis...oh wait that's right news doesn't have to be true just what the journos suggest it be ;-) Nevermind carry on Orwell would be soooo proud......
  11. OK, so you claim I don't have a clue - well, here's the two factual and non-facaetious points:

    Bush called and personally appealed for an evacuation:

    Louisiana emergency plan, p.13, para 5:
    This was not carried out, and it was the mayor's duty to do this. But Nagin did use the buses to evacuate the contents of the Hyatt Hotel:

    The rest of the buses drowned:

    Therefore I stand by my points.
  12. The 9/11 commission??? Are you serious? Let's look at what that was
    1) The supposedly bi-partisan commission with one member Jamie Gorelick having had a pivotal role in building the “wall” between the FBI, CIA and other intelligence agencies that the commission criticized; not nearly strongly enough, but considering that it was big part of the underlying problem they couldn’t avoid it. Gorelick should have been a witness before the commission not a member of it!
    2) Recommended the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, which Congress then enacted and rolled in FEMA as part of DHS. Now the very people in Congress that pushed for it, DHS/FEMA to begin with are criticizing that move and laying the blame at Bush’s feet.
    3) Ignored possible evidence that a military program, Able Danger, identified Atta as a member of AQ 2 years prior to the attacks, in a rush to get their report out before the presidential elections. In addition, any look into the validity of the claims, could cast further criticism on the “wall” Gorelick was so paramount in creating.

    Commissions do nothing more then result in bigger and unwieldy bureaucracies. They solve nothing...and don’t even get me started on the special prosecutor...

    The good news is that the ultimate commission is the voter, which will determine whether their representatives are worthy to serve them. ;-)