King Blair 'Dames' Ellen. I thought it was Brenda's gift

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BuggerAll, Feb 9, 2005.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    It was widely reported yesterday that Blair had sent congratulations to Ellen MacArhtur and made her a Dame. Is it just me or arn't honours the Queen's to grant.

    I'm not stupid and I know that the Queen does what the Govt advise her, but I still object the presumption of this jumped up grinning creep issuing honours without reference to HM.

    Another example of him acting as if he were King not merely a greasy politico/lawyer. Rant over...
  2. Tony Blair is only allowed to nominate individuals for the an honour.

    HM the Queen has the official seal on who recieves them and long may it remain (or else tone would hand them out to all of his besssa mates!)
  3. Surely the BLiar hands out awards to any popular entity/non-entity who for the duration of the Photocall IS his newest bessa mate!
  4. Who's for betting that the Scum or labour Times now runs a report on how Tone has been a HUGE sailing fan all these years!!!! :twisted:
  5. I will laugh my cock off if Her Maj refuses to grant the award now

    Heard a story once were a guy was knighted and told under strict confidence, so the muppet has a party inviting friends and family round on the day of the announcement only to discover they had taking his name off the list for breaking the rules
  6. surprised Tone hasn't related his story of how he once ran away to sea, it was shortly after he remembers sitting in the Gallowgate end of St James park watching Jackie Milburn and just before he remembers trying to stowaway on a Newcastle - Barbados flight at Neewcastle airport.

    He always has had a strange memory though, he told the Evening Standard his fave food was Linguine and sundried tomatoes shortly after telling the Northern Echo that his fave food was fish and chips. Slightly better than Mandelson asking for Avocado mousse with his fish supper. Never heard of mushy peas pet!

    By the way seating wasn't put into the Gallowgate end until many years after wor Jackie retired and there is no record of any flights to Barbados from Newcastle.
  7. Yes, we need to get rid of this man Blair. I think we already established that.

    Piling up the evidence against him is fun, though not difficult.

    Also, damn right the Queen should refuse if the grinning lawyer tries to nominate a best friend/croney/liar.

    EDIT: 500 posts, War hero? That's bloody stupid.
  8. It's nice to see an award given to someone for actually doing something. To do what she did she has a sight more bottle than I have. I seem to recall Sir Francis Chichester getting an honour for doing something similar (About the same time as B Lair was stowng away to barbados.) Is the dear leader a walt? There maybe a new thread there!
  9. I have it on reasonable authority that something similar happened in the most recent list. Someone was supposed to be on the list but got left off through an administrative error. Trouble was he'd already thrown the party (at which he was the only one without a gong). Anyway, the Hons & Awards people wrote him a nice letter asking him to keep quiet about it until they could 'gazette' him.

    The envelope was addressed to 'Sir XXXXX'. :roll:
  10. Agreed, and not wahing, has Ellen McArthur received her Dameship/hood?

    Or is it just the papers prompting Bliar to make another soft call?

    I've been away on exercise so don't know the whole spread of recent events.

    Has she, or has she not, been Damed?

  11. Award has been announced (along with her being made an honorary Lieutenant Commander in the RNR: can't wait to see the press reaction when she gets called up as MoD forget the 'honorary' bit...), but not yet formally Gazetted, AIUI. She's definintely a Dame, but not had the investiture yet (unlike Elizabeth I with Drake, HMQ did not appear at quayside to bestow the honour - doubt if HM King Tony would have liked it if she had have done...)
  12. At least she knows something about boats (<< deliberate fishbait here), rocks and safety distances. :D
    *Sticky ambles off to quayside tavern to await arrival of irate fishwives and a barrage of haddock poo*
  13. It was reported on BBC news that Ellen McArthur was directed to be awarded the honour of Dame by the Queen, and not Number 10, as earlier reported. The slant of the report was definitely that the Queen had given clear direction on the matter and that Number 10 (this might be my misunderstanding) had reluctantly moved on the issue.

    Notice once they were given the idea by Her Maj, that they were quick to give the impression it had been Pres Tones' idea - possibly why Bucks Palace released their statement ref the actual source of idea? Good to see Her Maj realises she has to stop TCB claiming un-earned glory etc.
  14. Late breaking news
    As part of tony's pluralist society, I hear she has also been appointed Honorary Col of the 29 Coy WRAC Old Comrades Association!
  15. Fresh light has been cast on the Damehooding (sounds fun in an E wing, 15 to life type way), of Ellen.

    Today the Telegraph has a story on page 12 of how on Monday night she was offered a CBE for her achievement, which she was only too happy to accept.

    3 hours later, Downing Street upgraded the offer to that of a Damehood.

    The Telegraph speculates that it may be due to a difference of opinion between HM Queen and St Tony.

    I suspect that both HM and St Tony were in agreement but then some enlightened git in Labour HQ saw the PR potential. If St Tony announces the Damehood then he can bask in the reflective glow for a while.

    Funny how these things happen just before election time... and after the minister for propaganda Mr Campbell has wormed his way back.