King Abdullah of Jordan unharmed after attack on motorcade

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by singha61, Jun 13, 2011.

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  1. USA Today
    A Jordanian security official says King Abdullah II was unharmed following an attack on his motorcade in southern Jordan, the Associated Press reports.

    AFP, also quoting a security official, reports that a group of young men in the southern city of Tafileh attacked the motorcade with stones and empty bottles.

    On Sunday, the king vowed to implement reforms leading to a parliamentary election. He also promised a crackdown on corruption, but warned against "chaos" and a creation by the media of a climate of "hatred."

    King Abdullah of Jordan unharmed after attack on motorcade -
  2. Reforms will include a complete abolition of bottles ...
  3. ...Don't forget the stones!
  4. Glad to hear he has survived, but surprised and disappointed that he says there is corruption in Jordan. He must have a good PR team because I thought the country was a haven of good governance in a sea of chaotic countries. Unfortunately we are too bankrupt in the UK to assist, but perhaps we could lend him this from the Queen Street Museum (can't remember what it's called this week).
    Guillotine - New World Encyclopedia
  5. Surprised this unpleasantness hasn't been blamed on the Jew or George Bush.
  6. How could the USA or Israel be to blame for a corrupt & repressive regime remaining in power way past their sell by date and against the will of the general population?
  7. Given it's Jordan, it's more likely to be intifada prone Pals, it's stuffed with the buggers and they get screwed just as hard in the Kingdom as in the olive tree nicking democracy next to it.
  8. That would be the same "will of the general population" which tried to overthrow the state in 1970...