Kineton accommodation.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by TheRedButton, Aug 8, 2012.

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  1. Hey all.

    I'm currently waiting to do my trade training for Ammo tech at Kineton. After this I'll go back to Deepcut, go Lecconsfield and then finally get posted to Kineton. My question is can I rent an Army house during this posting or does it count as still under training and barracks? Or is the housing for married soldiers only?
  2. It used to be you were assigned to Kineton as a long term course and therefore entitled to a quarter.

    But, you better check what is current.

    You're better off in the block whilst on the course anyway.
  3. Used to work for DE Housing, You have to be married and if under training the course needs to be 12 months + to qualify.
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  4. Oh dear, 'looks like selection got it wrong!
    "Married Quarters" or to be current "Service Families' Accommodation" is exactly what it says on the tin. Your question implies that you are a Singly, so forget any idea of a "house" unless you apply for permission to live out. If you're married and on the course but are posted to Kineton, you are entitled to SFA and subsequent cses are just dets away from your duty station, regardless if they are trade requisites.
    Dinger is right though; you will spend most of your spare time revising in the block with the rest of the lads or be at a significant disadvantage. Even on Upgrading, married soldiers who are on the KTN establishment spend a lot of time in the block.
    If you're newly married/imminent then best advice is keep the wife where she is til the end of the course, see what your actual assignment is should you Pass, then take it from there. Newly wedded bliss is a distraction that will likely cause you to Fail....
  5. I got a house when I was on my course but then again I have always been a special case!

    As already stated, stay in the block, you've got far more important things to concentrate on. If however you are set on renting then you'll be pleased to know that DHE sold most of the houses at KTN off a few years ago, ( I know because I bought one!) So there are plenty of houses to rent privately but expect to pay around £700 a month in rent.

    Much better to stay in the block and put up with the random as feck opening times of the NAAFI shop or Hub or whatever the feck the new trendy name is.
  6. And even if TRB can afford the rent, I very much doubt the CO would give permission to live out for T2 students.
  7. Weren't you on the course with Billy? The deaf rifleman who more or less failed all his exams, but was allowed to pass because he was a good egg. He was duty terrorist before being MDd.
  8. No mate he was one before or one after. I was on with Liverpool lad who technically failed but was allowed to stay. He lived out too.
  9. Revising? Oh how things have changed!!!
  10. Much better to stay in the block and put up with the random as feck opening times of the NAAFI shop or Hub or whatever the feck the new trendy name is.[/QUOTE]

    Kineton for Junior ranks is a shithole, 4 man rooms Cpl's and below and the Hub is a robbery and adds no value to the camp it is simply their to rob the lads blind and the night staff are awful. They opened the Cpl's mess a few weeks back but its £2.30 a "Can", A bus runs into Leamington every Thursday though which costs a fiver return. a couple of suppliers rent a house in Banbury. you MUST own a car to keep your sanity.
  11. What are you on about? They only take people who are at least 'slightly insane' as potential ATs.
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  12. PotAts? cars? surely not. 2 licences between us on our cse. Blackdown thought it much more beneficial to send Staff Clerks to Leccy for HGV3, rather than let us loose on the road. Then again, D&D was the accepted norm to the Castle and back. Much hilarity when a couple of weeks after the traditional pre-Xmas D&D warning rant, the RSM got knicked for just that offence.
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  13. Cheers for the replies. It should be a good laugh though
  14. Hi, I was wondering whether anyone could shed any light on the phase 2 course start dates. I go to Deepcut tomorrow and don't really want to be hanging around there for ages. Any info is greatly appreciated.
  15. the cookhouse is shite, mate.
    Unless there's a massive change on weekdays (i'm just stabbing it up here) that is.
    I was just saying today how i feel sorry for any regs based here long term, especially if they've family with them. It makes Grantham look like vegas!