Kinetic Rope

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Bag4life, May 11, 2008.

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  1. Wasnt the Kinetic rope a good piece of kit when taught how to use it properly, spent many hours training CVRT crews in its safe use, favourite casualty veh was always the Samaritan or Sultan, reversed into a ditch, Yeehaaaaaaaaa
    Last time I got to play with it was 91 / 92 with the QDG's on SP
  2. I had one on my Jeep Off-Roader for years, great bit of kit.....used to pull out those who thought they new how to drive off-road!!!! Sold Jeep last year and now looking for another.
  3. Never heard of this one before, can anyone explain what it does, how it works?
  4. Great bit of kit!

    Seen it demonstrated- never needed it though!
  5. Ask yourself why CVR(T) doesn't have a steel wire tow rope - and then think elastic bands.

    Its 25 years since I was last on a D&M course at Bovvy so I stand to be corrected :oops:
  6. Thats funny cos' the powers that be banned it from being used with wheeled vehicles! 8O
  7. Hmm, no idea. I'm only trained on Chally and 432. They've both steel tow ropes.
  8. Forks

    Think of a tow rope connecting the casualty vehicle to the recovering vehicle.
    The recovering vehicle drives off at a given speed and the KE rope stretches.
    The resultant 'Kinetic Energy' created by stretching the rope then acts to contract the rope thereby pulling the causalty out of the hole / bog etc. They do create heat when used and the number of pulls is therefore limited. Not due to the possibility of getting burned but damaging the internal makeup of the materials used to construct the rope
  9. It's not prohibited in the rest of the world, only in the army. Can be useful for recovery of light vehicles but it doesn't have the kind of magical properties these guys seem to think it has:

    Obviously never heard of shovels and planking. :roll:

    (same here: )
  10. That seems to say it training...and definately the wrong rope for the job. Would been better using the winch or a 2 - 1 pull.....Ah but what can you expect......mud pluggers that deninately do not "Tread Lightly"!!!!

    No doubt opened myself up to a bit of flak...but hey ho...ex Cav broad shoulders!
  11. Correct soprano, we used to teach it for light armour only CVRT Fox etc but only those vehs with Def eyes that were up to the snatch factor, the rope was attached to the cvrt tow ropes attached on the front of the veh which formed the apex then the long white kinetic rope normally issued one per troop was snaked out in in a tight s series in front of the bogged cas, the veh tasked to be the recovery veh was attached to the other end of the kinetic rope, all crew stand clear those on board closed down for safety, cas would be in 2nd or 3rd gear eng on and veh executing the "run " would drive of like the clappers as the rope came taught the cas would rev its arrse off and the rope would start to stretch at some point the veh doin the run would nearly stall then the rope kinetic energy starts to take over in the direction of the run, the cas is trying to drive and this is when kinetic energy is helping the bogged veh wanting to move in the same direction, then like a cork out of the bottle it would extract the bogged veh, some times more than one attempt would be needed, this kit was issued as a troop recovery asset, as you never had the samson around all the time as you recon guys already know so it saved having a veh stuck for hours waitng for recovery, in the real world you would have 2 runners if needed, but remember close down, and in peacetime locations the a veh record sheet must record the amount of snatches, war is different, but dont kick the arrse out of it ask for another. I taught this like i said with no accidents, its a boys toy in the right hands.
  12. Seen it used once in ten years. At the Royal Tourny '91(?).
  13. Ah yes the KE rope.

    Very good piece of kit, I have had to use it to extract my scimiter on two seperate occasions from boggy ground.

    Unfortunatley not a good testament to my driving skills...ahem.. :oops:
  14. Brilliant bit of kit if used properly, had to use it several times when acting as Recce Safety staff in Batarse in the late 80's, on one memorable occasion early in the morning going out to start the days play when my FSC dvr managed to drive into the ditch where it was wet, miles from anywhere, no problem then with the KE rope we thought be out in a REME 5 mins, meanwhile I was starting to get questioned by OA as to when I was going to get the BG exercise live.

    Decided not to admit to my predicament and did the usual bluffing trick, did not see why I should let the whole of the Safety Staff know I was in the ditch before the days firing had commenced.

    Crews did everything perfectly out pops one yellow topped FSC at right angles to my desired direction of travel, so I call up OA on the handheld Motorola and say we will be on time as I was just approaching the lead recce vehicles of the BG and would go "Red" as soon as I had checked them all.

    Meanwhile rest of Recce Saftey leg it up the road to check all the vehicles are present with me saying I'll catch you up on a min, my dvr decides to save time and turn the FSC in the desired direction of travel without a comd or anyone to guide him, sadly he was a bit of a t*sser and managed to drive straight into the ditch on the other side of the road cnut, you can imagine the interview he had in the middle of the prairie.

    As this was just the last of a number of incidents he only remained my driver for as long as it took to get a replacement FSC to me, owing to the "major problems with the communications fit in the vehicle being unworkable".

    OA never knew what went on but a few beers were purchased for the rest of the team for keeping quiet.