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Belongs to the old Trout next door and she uses my WI-FI . Have tried nearly every combination written on the back of the router to no avail. Am using Virginmedia Super Hub.
Its in the router setup. You get there by typing the address into your internet browser
Change the password on your wifi.
Tell the old trout to fork out for her own wifi!

Perhaps the 'Payment in kind' makes it worth his while.

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Network & Sharing Center (American spelling.....) > Manage Wireless Properties > Right click relevant network > Click on the "Security" tab > Click Show characters. Hey Presto WiFi password is revealed!
Look at the wireless settings of anything else you have linked to the router - laptop, phone, ipad, WII console etc

chances are that at least one will have a tick box that lets you view the password

Failing that google your ISP name and "router settings"

Type the url for your ISP ( e.g. for Sky it is ) and press send

you will then get asked for a logon and password - chances are it will be just blanks if you've never looked before, if not try "admin" & "password"

assuming you get in you can now find a tab with wireless settings and either view your password or change it
Bluejack some pictures of your meaty pleaser to her may not stop her but its fun............or so I'm told.
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