Kindle or Sony ebook?

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Miner, Mar 12, 2012.

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  1. My good wife is getting me for my birthday either a Kindle or a Sony ebook.
    Now, me being a really fussy bugger she has given me the choice of what I have.
    And I have no idea which is better.

    Due to being in work and the wife wanting to order this today I'm limited for time on doing my own research.
    Which would only confuse me anyway as I'm a techno biff.

    I know a few of you have Kindles, and what I've seen of them (a friend has one) I like. All I want to do is be able to store loads of books on it and read them wherever I am.
    But my wife has confused herself and me by looking at Sony ebooks.
    Apparently they have had better reviews.

    Which one is better? As I said all I want to do is download & read books on one handy sized tablet thingy.
    Oh and the wife has confused me by throwing in the option of a Kindle that has a keyboard on it as well.
    Why would I need a keyboard? I only want to read books FFS!!

    Help me fellow ARRSE'rs, you're my only hope.

    Bugger I've just found the thread about Kindles and ebooks. Please ignore my ignorance.
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  2. phil245

    phil245 LE Book Reviewer

    get your wife to get you a Kobo Touch, then you can read e-books from any source. With a kindle, you can only read books that you have got from Amazon.
  3. I've got a kindle which has so far proved to be effective on long train journeys as well as during breaks on weekend training.
  4. Somewhere in the house we've got both a kindle and a Sony e-reader. They both got dumped as soon as we acquired a tablet (motorola Xoom); the actual reading experience is so much better on a tablet. You of course can easily access Kindle, Sony, Google books and all the other vendors from an android tablet.
  5. Unless you download Calibre...

    I have both a Sony E Reader and a Kindle, I prefer the Kindle to be honest, with the wi-fi version it's alot easier to buy books, Kindle/Amazon also do a large range of papers and a smaller range of magazines. Buying from Amazon also gives you an option for 'trialling' the book by getting the first chapter free
  6. Kindle 3G/WiFi version (with keyboard) for me, I love mine

    it has a very basic browser built in for which you can use the keyboard. But be warned it is a basic browser.
  7. Mizz K13 got me a Kindle last birthday. Very sceptical at first, but love the thing. Going on holiday today for three weeks and have about 200 unread books on it. Mizz K13 also has a Kindle now ... she won it in a raffle! Both ours are with keyboards, but to be honest don't really use that function apart from to change font size or page rotation which I assume you can do with the keyboardless version?
  8. Cheers peeps. I'm going tt go for the Kindle, as that's what I've seen and had my hands on.

    Only thing now is to decided whether I get the one with the keyboard (3G?), or the one without (WiFi only?).
    Any major pro's & con's with them?
  9. I've actually run out of books before on the 3G, so I could buy a couple while sitting in my van. Having said that, I'd prefer the smaller size of the WiFi TBH. At some point in the future you will be able to get a small 3G one, once they have flogged off the large ones of course.
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  10. Keyboard free, it gives you a more compact kindle and TBH I can't see when you will require a keyboard. You buy the books online with your PC, turn the kindles WiFi on and within about 5 seconds your ebook is on your kindle.

    No need for 3G either as in the event of an emergency purchase just use your smart phone as a WiFi hot spot and log your kindle on to it to download.

    I should add I browse on my lappy purely as its far easier than doing so on the kindle. That's not a negative point as the kindle is designed to replicate a book not a laptop.
  11. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    About £60 difference. Depends what you want. The wife has a WiFi which suits her since she researches books to buggary on her laptop then downloads on our home WiFi. I've got the 3G which suits me. I can download on a train, airport, wherever. And I can stroll into Waterstones, browse, then go into the street and download (bad form to download in their shop unless it is raining).
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  12. Kindle. They are the ship's cat.
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  13. I think I'll go for the WiFi one. It's slightly smaller, cheaper (although a present from the wife, it's my money she'll be spending), and I can always use my phone as a WiFi hot spot for any instant purchases. I tend to buy my books in bulk, so sitting in front of a laptop as I buy isn't a major problem for me.

    Thanks everyone.
  14. Miner, I've got a few trillion billion books from mags, and have got PUTB and MOA (but you can buy them yourself), loads of Wilbur Smith and a little tiny bit of Oscar Wilde if you want to PM me your e-mail addy and I can ping them to you.

    I seriously do love my Kindle. I got a pink leather cover for it and everything. Oh, and it's the one with the keyboard thingy on it.
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  15. Bought the wife a Wi-Fi for Christmas,she loves it. Not a mega reader before,now she's always reading,and the choice of books is mindblowing,I even got her to read the original book of 'War of the Worlds',she loved it,Kindle every time. :thumright: